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  1. freakyfa

    At times I wish I was “normal”

    Sigh. When it comes to dating I’m facing an impossible dilemma and an uphill battle. Do I value BDSM/kink over a potential FMM triad? Should I try to seek both arrangements? Should I just cut my losses and find an ordinary vanilla guy? Romance isn’t easy when you have non-mainstream sexual...
  2. freakyfa

    Are my bi male fantasies problematic?

    I’ve often imagined what it would actually be like to have two bi husbands or perhaps practice swinging with just one bi male partner of mine. Besides all the extra love, the one other appealing aspect of this arrangement is that I find it very sexually arousing. Something about men loving and...
  3. freakyfa

    Not a tourist, just genuinely curious

    Hi, I’m freakyfa. *waves awkwardly* I’m a single, straight, 29-year-old female and after much feisty, internal debate over the years I have realized that I most likely inhabit some kind of weird gray area between mono and poly. Truthfully though, I have never acted on my deepest feelings and...