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    COVID Breaking Me

    I suspect I will wind up breaking up with Charles tomorrow, and it's killing me. I wanted to post here for a reality check because I could really use the additional perspectives. COVID is messing with my memory and perception, and my emotions are bouncing around like a ping pong ball. We have...
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    Depression and Relationships

    I guess this isn't really a poly question, but I need help. I had noticed that my boyfriend, Charles, was getting more distant in the last few months. He was still being loving and making time for us but there was a noticeable difference. Then, after New Year's, he's pretty much fallen off the...
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    Question for the Romantics

    This isn't poly related specifically, but definitely relationship related. I want to plan something a little special for my husband and I've been toying with the idea of one of those silly scavenger hunts. I have some great ideas for clues, but I am sadly lacking in inspiration for the...
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    Special Occasions

    This isn't immediately relevant, but it's got some stuff I was thinking about and I wanted to get a variety of opinions. I currently am in a V relationship where I cohabit with my husband, and see my boyfriend one or two days per week. He's got a busy schedule that isn't all that flexible so we...
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    How often?

    I know this question is going to have just as much, if not more, variance than my last, but I wanted to see what people in general think. How often, ideally, do/would you like to see your partners? Say in terms of frequency per week/month, and in terms of time period at each date? I'm aware...
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    When do you decide if it's love or NRE?

    I'm just curious to hear people's takes on this; I know we all process differently. With a budding relationship, how do you decide whether it's just the rose coloured glasses, or if it's love? Is it time? Specific things? I'm just trying to shake out my own thoughts after a good conversation...
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    Vicki's Journey Continues...

    On the advice of others who suggested I drop the large unwieldy thread and start again, here I am. I'll repost the summaries here, and then my current thoughts. Part One I kinda feel like I'm reducing my life to a can of Campbell's condensed soup. But hey, I like Campbell's soup So... I met...
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    Weird Feelings

    So I've been *around* for a while. Ups and downs, practicing some version of nonmonogamy since 2012 now. Divorced, remarried happily (2 months!) to a wonderful man who I've been with for four years. Our relationship agreements from the beginning were to be open & poly. I had other partners when...
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    Thoughts on Marriage and Polyamory

    I'm just curious as to what people's thoughts are on getting married to your partner while being poly, versus being married and then becoming poly. If you knew a couple who were nesting partners, but both poly when they met and continuing to be both poly and open, what would you think if they...
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    Just needing support

    I'm feeling a little bit out of sorts tonight so this is more of a vent but any comments/suggestions/support are appreciated. My fiance and I are both poly and open, although due to life stress and mental health issues we are not going out of our way to find any additional relationships. Not to...
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    Having Visitors in a Shared Home

    Hi everyone, I've gotten some thoughts from friends but I wanted to post here and make sure I am getting some unbiased feedback. My stbxH did a lot of gaslighting to the point where I am no longer really confident of how "appropriate" my reactions are when I feel emotional. My partner, Henry...
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    Sorting through feelings/reactions.

    Oh boy. And after feeling off yesterday, this happened and I don't know what to do. There might be more helpful info in my blog but I'll try to summarize it. I've been dating Henry for a year now and we've been living together for a couple of months. My StbxH walked out on me in December after...
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    Getting Divorced- struggling with poly as a single person

    Hi, I would really appreciate any advice that people can offer. I just posted my situation in my blog; the last two posts. I've been with my now ex husband since I was 18 years old and I'm having a hard time figuring myself out now that I'm alone. And there are reverberations through my other...
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    Checking all the boxes

    How do you really figure out if a relationship is missing elements that you need and you're settling, or if it's satisfying on its own level given that no one is perfect? I guess, given my history, I am struggling. I've dated several men as secondaries who could give me most of what I wanted...
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    Older and Wiser

    Hi everyone, I'm back, after cleaning up the giant mess of my first poly relationship. But, I learned from my mistakes, so I'm here to try and keep myself straight for the next one. I updated my story in my blog (in signature) and would really appreciate any comments or advice. Thanks!
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    Need some perspective please

    I wrote this in my blog but was hoping to get some more replies so I thought I'd post it here as well. ~~ Today I need some perspective, please. My husband thinks I am overreacting and I am pretty sure I am, but I'm still feeling very messed up. It probably needs more background info. L has a...
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    Please move a thread?

    Hi, Can you please move my thread to the blog section and rename it "Vicki's Journey?" Thank you!
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    How do you know when it's love and not NRE?

    Just hoping to hear from others' experiences.
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    Vicki's Journey

    I'm pretty confused and looking for some viewpoints. To be honest, I'm not sure what specifically I need help with and I think writing it all out will help. So please feel free to comment away! I'm 30 years old, and I've been happily married for 7 years in a monogamous relationship. My...
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    Trying to figure things out

    I just read through the guidelines and maybe I don't belong here, either, but I'm not really sure how to find where I fit and I need to talk to some people who are experienced in this sort of thing! I hope a long story is okay- I figure that will get the most helpful responses. I've been with...