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    BBC: The Open Project

    Interview with photos about non-monogamy, also mentions poly.
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    OLD trend

    I am back on OLD and have noticed this trend.... Younger men message older women. Engage in chat and then ask "One more, serious question," and throw out something highly sexual in nature, or ridiculous, then delete the conversation! It's the adult version of ringing a doorbell and running away...
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    CNN article This seems like a fairly balanced piece on the topic. I did a scan more than in-depth read over my morning coffee.
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    Dating safety

    I had a super nice meet n' greet OKC date last. It went so well, made plans for the next date etc. We were walking back to my car, got to the corner of the car park, and I said "Here is fine, thanks" He said, "I will walk you the whole way." I said "No, that's fine you have a dinner to go to...
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    Sailing Solo

    Many thoughts in the past 24 hours about types of poly and open relationship styles. One of my partners, A, is an open relationship that comes with many rules. We are going to have a sit down with the print out so I can see them all. Here is what I know so far... Veto ( has been wielded...
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    Solo Poly meets Mono

    HI, I have been lurking on the forums and I am hopeful of some interesting feedback. After 10 years of marriage I am back out exploring the world one activity at a time .I am 41 and share parenting of 2 children. I love to go and try new things and see new places..herein lies the problem...
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    A forum lurker.... Single mum. Ex-pat. I have been reading and reading and reading about poly and open relationships for the past 6 months. I have come to identify with poly but my 2 partners are firmly in the open relationship camp which is why I am going to post in the forums!