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    Could you please delete my account? thank you!

    Could you please delete my account? thank you!
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    On Taking a Break

    Yeah, I originally began as dating both of them. It faded into just him, with her calling me girlfriend. Things were great for about a month, then jealousy blew things up. They've worked on alot of stuff. He has a medical condition which makes some resolutions difficult. I'm not sure how much...
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    On Taking a Break

    nycindie - I can't completely break off contact, as that would break up 2 gaming groups, and create many more problems. But I can limit to just the already arranged social group interactions we have. I am also aware that I may not have a relationship with them after this. It doesn't make me...
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    On Taking a Break

    I am a prescriptive secondary who is very deeply in love with my BF. I have finally gotten to where I am OK with my relationship being part-time and moving on to enjoy the benefits when I find out that my BF and his wife have been having a super rough time lately. I did not realize it until...
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    once upon a december

    Good Morning, I am fairly new to poly and fairly new to romantic relationships. I'm a bit odd in that I find few people attractive. I was raised very religious and only recently underwent a serious questioning of my faith and prior beliefs. The aftereffects of that mental battle allowed me to...