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    Looking for advice; My wife says she's no longer sexual actracted to me

    The one thing you mentioned was a therapist. Perhaps they can help sort out what is going on. The hardest thing I think is to eealize alot.of times thinfs sound great or look good on paper but dont actually work as well as we hoped. I run into that time and time again. M
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    How to do I explain without sounding like I'm cheating.

    I did an experiment just last week on CL as a woman searching for man very with specific words because I was attending an event and wanted to see if there was anyone going to attend. I got ALOT of responses as a woman but not one person who responded was at that event. Luckily for me almost...
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    SW Florida meetings

    Gosh i just remembered i aaw this recently. A Sarasota group!
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    Getting swept away

    Thank you guys for the objective perspectives. I am feeling foolish for getting swept away for a couple of days and now back to reality. Still in my mono world but I am grateful for having a good friend who has a open mind and had lived many years in a poly relationship. We have talked about it...
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    Getting swept away

    Ok Been a very long while since I have posted. I have not really had a true in person poly relationship in almost 2 or so years. My secondary moved and got weird and broke too many heart strings. I have a dear friend who calls me every day but again this is an intense friendship sometimes my...
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    Discussing sleeping with othets

    Hello, Since it is early days it sounds like he was not considerate of how it would seem to you. Maybe this is just an outside chance he thought perhaps in the heat of the moment you might all end up together. But he was definitely not considerate. Is he someone you want to continue with? Also...
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    Been struggling with Poly for 4 years

    I too struggle with this. I have had chances with relationships where I was asked to fool around or something, friends of mine (just because I can, I find it interesting that somehow because I have permission it makes it right on my end.) I politely decline. I talk to someone now who has had a...
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    Clock is Ticking

    Ambivulous I bet if you asked 1000 people you find this story repeated over and over and over. I myself hear it EVERYDAY. I live it myself. I did it both ways. My first marriage, young and broke and worked so much we never saw each other and drifted apart. I said, is this all there is going...
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    Philosophy of Romantic Love

    Thanks for posting that. It sort of seems like common sense and I do remember the thing about feeling in danger, falling in love from Psychology class.
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    Poly Friendly Chat Site

    thanks for listning that. I had kind of said I wished there was a chat site. SOmetimes I can't sleep because I think about this too much and then it is on my mind all night
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    Wish there were more people

    Never tried hangouts. Might be neat. What do i do?
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    Wish there were more people

    Thanks! That would be great.
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    Wish there were more people

    Hi, I guess some days it would be so nice to have someone to talk to in realtime about being poly because it seems like I am isolated from this. Recently I had been talking to someone about it and I found myself wishing I could just say it to anyone about it but I realized that more people...
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    Been a while

    well we are fine means, he gets what he wants. I went through a couple of weeks of really missing him, and it made me out of sorts. I feel sometimes like a yo yo... up and down, up and down. I know that I probably want more than I am getting from this but trying to discuss this objectively...
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    Tinder and other dating apps...

    I have been out of this so long, thanks for posting this. Fascinating. I liked the way you handled it and I hope you find someone because you seem like you have really nice energy. I am going to see what tinder is about though now, you got my curiosity. I had a profile on OKC and POF but it...
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    Been a while

    not sure I don't think there was a showdown or anything. DH is passive and I think sec. just made a decision about something and will not discuss. I have been steadily stepping back. It would seem the more I step back, the more seconday says, "we are fine" and I don't feel it is. I am not...
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    Been a while

    Thanks! I wish I could get him to talk about it. But it will never be the way it was. He can't take all the stuff back he said. I think in a way he was going to break up with me because he decided to tell me what he thought about my husband and some of the things I kind of already knew about...
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    Southern Polyamory Gathering Florida

    Hello, Has anyone gone to this? It is in central Florida Nov 6-9 I am thinking of going. Thanks for any experiences.
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    Been a while

    Hello Polyfriends, I haven't been here in a while but I wanted to say hi. I am bumping along in life and for a while poly was working. I had a V but inexplicably my secondary decided certain things and as usual I have no say in how things go because it is a long distance relationship. When...
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    dating a married 'poly' woman

    No you aren't crazy. It happens. Sometimes really nicely too. I was lucky enough twice to find musicians and we all played music together. It is a nice thing to have something to share together. I would love it again if I ever get the chance. Just be gentle on yourself and your heart. :)