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    Frustrated With Old Communication Patterns

    Just a little update. Communication has been improving with lots of ups and downs. Today though we had a wonderful and fruitful conversation over the phone. It helped to be on the phone, like it put enough distance so that we didn't get too emotional. We've been able to mutually recognize some...
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    Frustrated With Old Communication Patterns

    Thanks for your input sparklepop and nycindie. What we had come to was much of what you both suggested: framing the conversation, asking for what we need upfront from the conversation, giving a warning and an out if the other person isn't ready to discuss, validating feelings even if you don't...
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    Frustrated With Old Communication Patterns

    My husband recently has reminded me that I don't really share things with him about my other relationship. I tend to keep things to myself for two reasons: 1) I don't like to share things that may be emotionally difficult for him to process, he is very sensitive, and 2) I don't like to share...
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    Years of love, years of slow change, and what's next?

    I'm also very much enjoying your story. Particularly how it involves the kids and bringing a new baby into the mix. I know it's just part of what your normal life includes, but I'm curious about how your schedule works. How far apart are your two homes? What kind of contact do you have with the...
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    Glad to be here

    Hello everyone, I'm in a loving marriage of 7 years with two small children. My husband and I have spoken about opening our relationship on and off for years. We finally took action on this at the end of the summer. I initiated this action after much personal reflection following a period of...