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  1. bumblebean

    Hi, need someone to talk to

    Hey, jeofizz! I have been in similar shoes. It is hard, and can be tough to talk about. I'm glad you're reaching out and taking steps to make sure you're able to find the happiness you want. I'm also curious about what you mean by a triad in this situation. What would your ideal situation look...
  2. bumblebean

    Hello & About Me

    Hey, Ani! Great to meet you, also. I'm so glad to meet other folks over 40 here trying things out. It's awesome to connect with folks that are in sorta the same life zone/phase. I'm not quite ready to start dating yet, but I'm very interested in making friends and connecting over hobbies...
  3. bumblebean

    Hello & About Me

    Hello! Please call me Bean. I use they/them pronouns. I'm a non-binary nerd that's over 40, but doesn't feel it. I enjoy playing tabletop roleplaying games (D&D, Pathfinder, etc), some video games (WoW, ACNH), reading queer sci-fi and fantasy, and doing outdoorsy things like camping and hiking...