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    Anti-Poly Counselor

    long term we have been in a successful poly quad now for over almost 6 years, and it shows no signs of it ending anytime soon. We have grown together so much the 4 of us.
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    GF issues

    Update so The Gf and i spent a lot of time talking this week. And talking and talking, some tears but not really ina bad way. Lots of emotions most of them good. We made love so many times we lost count. She is now ok with me seeing others. I have not felt so loved by my quad as I have...
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    GF issues

    well.... The guys have been talking with the ladies, I took my wife to a poly social, and she is ok with me meeting people, my gf doesnt want me to fall in love with anyone else as she feels it might change the fourple dynamic. But we did have a discussion last night about her long time very...
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    GF issues

    I have been involved in a poly fourple for over 6 years now. Its a true fourple with all of us involved. Now the two guys arebreaking out a bit , my frien is looking for girls to connect with sexually. i am more looking for a gf, someone to love. I have found a lasy, and its going well, my...
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    Ottawa, Canada

    Looking for a FWB or more, prefer more. You need to at least become friends with my wife, and perhaps more. I am 5 6 and am 49 yrs old, age makes no difference to me. I am Average to slim weight. I can be fun but like to enjoy cuddling on the couch watching TV. Ask me for more. Looking for a...
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    Guys who shave... down there

    lot of years i have been completely shaving down there for a lot of years. I like how close my wife and GF's pussies feel. I think they like that too. and when we really get going it feels like we are joined at the crotch.
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    Polyamory: Married and Dating

    season 1 triad Apparently the original Triad blew up, something about the girls cheating.......
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    quad, friends or is this all going to blow up?

    Really??? Really, We have been a fourple (quad) now for over 5 years. I still want to know how such a general statement can be made?
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    quad in life

    5 yrs together So today my gf and I have been together 5 years (this day we went on a date together alone) We have been together longer than that. (Our quad that is). My wife has gone off to a friends wedding and has left me with the rest of my quad tonight. The whole thing has been...
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    Poly and sex

    quad for 5 years Amazingly , i am involved in a loving quad for the last almost 5 years now. All of us are Bi as well. OMG how many ways can we do it, lol. We have all been together many times, we have been 3 out of 4 many times of one flavour or another, we do quite often split up in...
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    Why and how did you get into poly?

    ok poly forever lol Ok so We are in a quad as well. Went from swinging to falling in love. The quad is now coming up to our 5th anniversary. BTW I do have a totally loving quad. I am active with all 3 of my partners in the Quad as is the other 3 with each other. This has been a fantastic...
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    our poly life

    thanks i enjoy reading your blog. One ask can you split things up a bit so they are easier to read.
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    quad in life

    life update (this article has sexual details, reader be aware) So i hadnt realized that i didnt update about my 'date'. It kinda went as i expected, when i told her i was married and poly you could just see the interest leave, now she wasnt very good with english, so that did not help. Anyways...
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    looking for poly in ottawa

    we are a polly couple , we are not Ken and Barbie. I a looking to meet another woman or the right guy to have a LTR with. Ideally you will at a minimum be ok with being 'friends' with my SO. but there is room for more. If you are iterested please get back to me and we can see where it goes.
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    Knowing when to push

    devils advocate I am going to play devils advocate here. Does she really know, have YOU spoken with her. He may be not telling everything thats going on. There are just 2 many pieces here that dont quite tie together.
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    bunping back up posting in here to bump things back up. If you are interested in taking get back to me please.
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    Hi new from Ohio

    comunnicate talk talk and more talk especially while you guys are together. tell them your feeling and tell them the good parts too....tell them you are learning to deal with those feelings.
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    what part of ontario are you guys from?

    what part of ontario are you guys from?
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    quad in life

    newest change so today i am going on my first date with someone in such a long time, our Quad still is in ever loving mode, however i have met this Asian lady, and i will be telling her about my life today. Lets see if she still wants to see me after.
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    Quad Thoughts

    almost 5 year my wife and i have been involved with another couple for 5 years in july. we started out as swingers and my wife and the other guy started connecting more. Then myself and my GF connected as well (his wife). We even moved to within 1000 meters to be closer to them. There is...