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    Why will this woman not leave me alone. :|

    I really dislike one of my metamours. I am pretty sure the only things we have in common is we both have an interest in learning Spanish, and we love the same man. That said, never have I asked him to stop seeing her, told her to go away, or any of that nonsense. That's his relationship, and so...
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    Update + Confused, Wary

    So if you have read my "I don't like her." post you are somewhat familiar with this situation. So I'll continue from there. Scorpio was trying way too hard to be my friend. Texting, asking a bajilliion questions, and generally getting on my nerves with said questions. Apparently she wasn't...
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    I don't like her.

    Let me summarize just in case a few of you remember my name. I left my boyfriend and I moved away with our son and long story short it was awful, I did a lot of reading and thinking and blah blah blah and I came to terms with his desire to be involved with multiple people to whatever degree and...
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    Girls cancelling dates on SO, he's upset, not sure how to comfort him.

    I am very much monogamous. He is very much not. I don't like it, I'll admit it. It makes me all kinds of uncomfortable. I'm working on it, though. I love him, so I try. He's not looking for other long-term partners, though. Just casual, short-term dating. Earlier this year, he was seeing a...
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    How do you manage your triggers?

    I'm a mono female in a relationship with a non-mono male (open relationship, he dates around). I have issues with jealousy (insecurity, fear, occasionally anger, sadness) and envy that I am working on. This is a hard time in my life to be going through this, I think (new baby, no nearby friends...