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    What are the consequences of broken rules?

    So, for the record, the break never ended. We tried to see each other maybe a month later, and had a really nice day together, like old times, but then tried to talk and it just turned into a stupid fight about nothing and she stormed off and we haven't seen each other since. We were still...
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    What are the consequences of broken rules?

    She's the one who wrote them down. Yep. She first said she wanted to change them 4 months ago, and then again the other day while fighting, and I'm like "You've had 4 months! What have you done about it in that time??"
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    What are the consequences of broken rules?

    Meaning I couldn't bring myself to do it. I just said things like "we should stop seeing each other" without committing. A day or two later I made it official that "we are taking a break" (whatever that means). I don't know, but I don't.
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    What are the consequences of broken rules?

    So then she was repeatedly going back to this other guy who is not poly, emotionally manipulates her, and doesn't respect our relationship, and after spending a weekend together with her depressed about him the whole time, and then going back to him yet again when he changed his mind, I got fed...
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    NYC: Poly Cocktails announcement

    I could go if it were on the weekend
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    What do you think of "seduction community" or "game"?

    Well that's the point of the website. Usually this stuff is for single guys to attract and bang a million women, but his approach is to use the same concepts to keep married couples together. I wish there were an...
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    What do you think of "seduction community" or "game"?

    So much of it is misogynistic/MRA/redpill bullshit that I kind of intentionally ignored it, but the problems in my relationship have made it pretty apparent that there's some truth to it. The least annoying version I've found is this couple's...
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    Cowboys and cowgirls

    You don't care if your partner is dating someone who doesn't respect your relationship?
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    What are the consequences of broken rules?

    That's the premise of the thread, yes. Am I? Perhaps. If yes: Because her behavior is somewhat understandable? Because she apologized immediately afterward and tried to make things right and has been making an effort to communicate when I am upset? Because I feel like breaking off...
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    How can I get myself hot for my 1st lover when all my body wants is my new lover?

    So this was a year ago? I'm curious how things have worked out? As a gentle, cuddly, loving, vanilla-horny man with low self-esteem, this would probably not work out well. :) One girl did get me to be more aggressive with her by being playfully aggressive with me first. Biting me or...
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    What are the consequences of broken rules?

    She was with a group of friends/acquaintances, broke off from the group with one of them, riding in his car to his place, hung out as friends, didn't expect anything to happen until it did. "I did tell him about you. I guess I should have messaged you at that point." I can understand not...
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    What are the consequences of broken rules?

    Yes, yes, and yes. I don't even think she is. I think she's just forgotten what it's like to be jealous because I haven't seen anyone else in so long. That's the right way to do it, yes. But now we have talked about and she does want to change the rules. She wants the ability to be more...
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    I Wish my hubby was more like new boyfriend

    Yep. But the husband gets off on these comparisons, so maybe it's ok? I would feel like complete shit if I knew someone was comparing me like this, though. Certainly there were things I liked about one partner more than the other, but I would try to not think about them, let alone say them.
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    What are the consequences of broken rules?

    Yes, and yes. Well we've been together 4 years. Stuff like this happened at the beginning, but I thought we had settled it and it wasn't going to happen again; it hadn't for a while. Changes like that make me worry that things are falling apart. Yep, that's happening. I start to wonder if...
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    What are the consequences of broken rules?

    We didn't, and didn't realize we needed to. What are some options, other than "break up" and "change the rule" (which would make the rules pointless in the first place)? Part of me feels that way. Other parts don't. How do I decide which part of me is right? Finding out about things...
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    FMF v. MFM disparity?

    My girlfriend has dated more people during our relationship than I've dated in my life. I thought that was the pattern for most open relationships? That it's much easier for women? It is always Vees, though, not triads.
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    Any secret poly groups on facebook?

    Why does it have to be a Facebook group? That seems like a bad choice for discussing something private.
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    What are the consequences of broken rules?

    Sigh. I'll try not to be longwinded. We have an agreement with a few rules. She's "bent" the rules several times lately, making me upset, and then definitely broke them. Among other things, we're not allowed to sex new people until we've discussed it, and supposed to keep each other informed...
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    Social Anxiety Sucks!

    Looks like it. "Send PMM mail to membership" is only available to Premium Members for $9/month, so you can respond to messages but not initiate them? The thing with OkC is the ladies get bombarded with terrible messages all day every day, so I'm so worried about not making a stellar first...
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    OK Cupid advice

    Answer all the questions honestly and then search by match percentage. There are questions about open relationships, make their answers mandatory. People who are also open to open relationships will be in your high matches.