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  1. MusicalRose

    All Ohio Open Picnic

    Please join us for an All-Ohio Open Picnic on Saturday, July 30th starting at 12PM at the Mansion Shelter of the Highbanks Metro Park (9470 Columbus Pike, Lewis Center, OH 43035). This event is hosted by Southwest Ohio Young and Poly, Open Hearts, PolyColumbus, Dayton Area Poly, and Cincinnati...
  2. MusicalRose

    Predator-Proofing Your Life

    There was a request to start a topic for discussion on how to avoid manipulative types, so I took the initiative. I'll make a longer post a little bit later, but I wanted to get the topic started.
  3. MusicalRose

    Open Hearts - Central Ohio

    Hello, Open Hearts is a group that my friend and I have started and are hoping to build here in Columbus, Ohio. We are having our first event a little bit later this month and we would like to see you there! "Open Hearts is an organization dedicated to the exploration and experience of...
  4. MusicalRose

    Moving Forward

    Some current backstory to kick off this blog, I'm sure much more will come out as I write and relate current events to things in my past. This will probably read much more like a personal growth journal at this point in my life than it will a relationship journal, but who knows? I am at a...
  5. MusicalRose


    Hello All, My name is Rose and I am one of the social staff members of PolyColumbus. I will be using this topic to post about our local meetings and social events associated with PolyColumbus for anyone who might be interested in attending. For those who want to be informed directly on a more...
  6. MusicalRose

    Just Married, Now Probably Over

    Some backstory: R (my husband) and I have been together for five and half years, and just got married last month. Throughout our relationship, he has indicated that he wants children and I have consistently told him I'm not sure if I'll ever want any and that it is probably leaning toward me...
  7. MusicalRose

    Coming Out Drama

    Hello All, Not sure what I'm really looking for here, as I don't know that there is any advice that will really help the situation, but I wanted a place to talk about this away from my husband (R) who is dealing with a lot of stress over the whole situation and whom I don't want to burden with...
  8. MusicalRose

    Unsure how to proceed.

    *WARNING HUGE POST* Hey Everybody, I've introduced myself so some of you may know a little bit about my situation at the moment. I (23) am a female in a V relationship with two males with me as the hinge. My fiance (R, 26) and I have been together for almost 4 years. My boyfriend (D, 23)...
  9. MusicalRose

    Exploring This Option

    Hello All, I am a 22-year-old female senior in college and my boyfriend is a 24-year-old senior in college. We have a long distance relationship and plan on moving in together as soon as we both graduate in the spring. He and I have been together for two years. We have had a non-exclusive...