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    It seems my post are being read by a person I choose not to be involved with. I suspect also she has an account here just to watch me now. That is how it appears anyway. I thank you all for the helpful advice and discussion but for now it looks like I need to leave for a while. I really hope...
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    A woman or a weed?

    Round up please? This woman won't go away. I've posted on this before. 16 year on and off again girl friend, and now Ex of my current lover just won't disappear. What sort of sway she holds over him I don't know. Since March they have not spoken after she hacked into his phone account and...
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    the official ex and her ghost

    Sorry for the dramatic title... but it seems dramatic at times. Both my lover and I are very emotional creatures. It's part of why we have such deep relationship even tho we live apart. Both being married and living with our spouses. I think if we were married to each other we may explode lol...
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    Old GF issues getting bad

    Hi guys, I'm looking for advice and or just support and a place to vent this issue... I am married to my primary. My other lover Paul has had many relationships in the past, some purely sexual and others more involved. He is a mature 43 year old with a stable job. He is a a blessing in my life...
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    Yesterday was my first official Vday in a true poly relationship. I was able to have lunch with my mate Paul while my primary Thomas was at work. And then dinner with them both and a movie. It went well and smoothly! I am curious how others handle their love days.
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    hello everyone

    Hi! I am here to view and learn from others in similar situations to mine. I am a married 26 yo woman. I have been married to Thomas for 6 years. Early in our marriage we tried what we categorized as 'swinging'. Whereas it was 'fun' it caused issue after issue for us. Mostly for me since I...