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    What do you think of "seduction community" or "game"?

    So much of it is misogynistic/MRA/redpill bullshit that I kind of intentionally ignored it, but the problems in my relationship have made it pretty apparent that there's some truth to it. The least annoying version I've found is this couple's...
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    What are the consequences of broken rules?

    Sigh. I'll try not to be longwinded. We have an agreement with a few rules. She's "bent" the rules several times lately, making me upset, and then definitely broke them. Among other things, we're not allowed to sex new people until we've discussed it, and supposed to keep each other informed...
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    Alternatives to making "rules"

    I have been interested in poly for a decade or so, but only in an officially poly relationship for the last year. We've made 4 official rules, but then dozens of other "potential rules" or "guidelines" or something. She has broken these lesser rules a few times and it resulted in fights. What...
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    Monogamy and menstrual cycles :D

    In the book Sperm Wars, one of the main points is that "a woman is far more likely to conceive through a casual fling than through sex with her regular partner" and: Some of the claims in this book make a lot of sense, while others are pretty dubious. I suspected this was one of the more...
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    Not so much jealousy as feeling like a loser

    In my first officially non-monogamous relationship, we both wanted it from the first date (9 months ago) and we're a pretty awesome couple. She is constantly telling me how great I am and how she can't imagine ever leaving me, she doesn't understand why I'm not constantly surrounded by women...
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    Hello I've been interested in poly for more than a decade, but have only been in monogamous relationships until the last few years. Strangely enough, because I started dating kind of late, I've actually been interested in poly longer than I've been dating. My last relationship was ambiguously...