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    Covid precautions and couples privilege

    Me and my wife are currently in a pod with another couple and have been very careful about covid precautions. We have recently opened our marriage and I have been talking to a potential partner who is outside of our pod and unfortunately does not take quite the same precautions as us. My pod...
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    Online dating: how to make sure they're okay with poly

    I'm a married man about to set up a profile on OK Cupid and wanted to make sure I did it right. I know polyamory would be a hard pass for most people, but wanted to make sure that I balanced the needs of communicating my maturity to poly-aware people (who know how much hard work is involved in...
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    Just opened, wife started with boyfriend, I'm dreading online dating

    A couple months ago we decided to try dating in our pod. It went well for my wife, and while I now have a great relationship with the other wife we have decided not to date. This time has been dense with character-building experiences. I've gotten through some tough emotions and there's a lot...