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    Last Letter Game

    I'm not seeing a thread on this. So I'll start it. Here's the game: Someone picks a category and does a word in that category. Next person takes the last letter of that word and make a new word starting with that last letter that fits the...
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    HELP! I don't know what to do! 😢

    I am sorry you struggle. It could be that he has some core beliefs to work through. It could be that he simply prefers monogamous relating. Could be both... or something else...
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    GalaGirl: Conversations Already in Progress.

    'Tis my thread. Welcome to my brain. It's conversations already in progress in here. You just jump in and try to keep up. If you can. ;) But I wanted to have a single thread to dump the things I write to other people's posts that I want to come back to think about some more. Or things I...
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    Old Relationship Energy -- Share your yays?

    We hear a lot about NRE awwwww..... Be nice to hear some ORE awwww too! So can I just get some Old Relationship Energy yays? I'm liking mine so much right now that I want to be nosy and hear it as other people experience it. In your ORE, what gives you the yippyskippy? :D And how do you...
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    Thank you for being here

    Hi: GalaGirl here. I've been enjoying the posts for a long time as a lurker, but started participating as a poster this week. DH and I began young and I was the poly overlappy person. Although he was free to see others he never quite did. Fast forward through time, and my other rships...