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    New to this

    Hello how are you doing
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    I should have known!

    Your store sounds a little like mine My wife told me that I should go out and have fun meet ppl, I tried to introduce a FLR and she wanted nothing to do with it. she stated sending me articles about kink and I should feel free to be adventurous .. she keep on asking me if I was thinking about...
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    NJ Poly Group

    What is the name of the group page ?
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    NJ Poly Group

    I’m in CT and live to join
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    My new life

    yesterday was valentines. We have opened our marriage up this year . so we are out to dinner last night and we are talking my wife has 6 dates set up for the next few weeks and I can’t even think of going out and meeting someone new , not that I don’t want to.
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    Do you need to talk I can listen

    Do you need to talk I can listen
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    Hello were are you located

    Hello were are you located
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    How do I tell my husband?

    My wife and I have been together for 20 years She told me the week between Christmas and New Years that she wants an open marriage . She has been in one date already and has 6 lined up for the month two a week. I am a different king of person and I am open to being open. Good luck with your...
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    My old new wife

    Her brunch was great as always she enjoys walking and talking to new ppl , she enjoys her friends stories and she is able to talk about this new chapter
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    My old new wife

    I know ppl in their 60’s have sex, she doesn’t want to have sex with him. They go out for drinks and talk about live
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    My old new wife

    I did say he tried to have sex with her and she said no. That’s y she’s friends with him they talk about sex and open marriages , she says she’s not into him , I believe her .
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    My old new wife

    She says there is no sex he’s 65 . She needs to talk to someone about the open relationship life. the first time she told him , he did try to tap in. She said nope I enjoy the drinks and conversation
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    My old new wife

    I enjoyed pre brunch
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    My old new wife

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    My old new wife

    She then got dressed and left for brunch
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    My old new wife

    Hello everyone My wife and I stated an open marriage just before the new year. She brought up me going out and go out and explore the kink I tried to introduce into the marriage several years ago. Told me I’m not sexually satisfied with you anymore. She did a lot of research and was ready to...