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    Invisible Sun

    I've enjoyed browsing this forum, there's a lot of sage contributors on this board and it's a delight to feel that wind on my heart. One thing I've noticed in these conversations is a recurring diversion into how to define "spritituality." Like most simple words, professional philosophy can't...
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    polys in recovery?

    LOL Recovery in the bible belt is a tough scene to find poly-aware fellowship. Maybe there's more to be found than I'm aware...but the fact that it isn't obvious is actually a good thing. It's an "outside issue" to 12-step programs that wisely choose not to get opinionated either way on...
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    Buddha Dharma & Polyamory

    What a gem of a thread! I have to admit this forum excites me for having a "spirituality" section.
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    Texan in Peru

    So my lovely lady and I are pretty serious...the future together looks good. I'm her first open, poly relationship. She's not completely new to guest stars sharing the bed with us any more, but still exploring. The hard part is being in Peru--not an easy scene to meet poly people. Since...
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    Hello Central and South America

    Lima, Peru! I'm from Texas, my lovely lady is from Venezuela. Think poly dating is tough in the states? Hit me up for stories of our travails... :D
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    Personal Summaries

    Mid 40s male Texan currently living in Lima, Peru. Stumbled into open relationships back in 2011, and to my astonishment it was the most honest, relaxed, accepting experience of love I've known. Finally being secure enough to honestly explore my heart and kinks, just about everything gets...