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    What precautions are you taking against the coronavirus in your poly networks?

    The title is self-explanatory. "Don't go visit your 90y old grandma" is a no-brainer, wash your hands, what else? Are there any special precautions to be taken since in poly, not just love but also diseases are often shared with more intimate partners?
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    Need some feedback on moving together

    Hello, I would appreciate good questions and suggestions on both the practical and the feelings aspects of the situation at hand. Backgroud: I've been dating Idealist for 5+ years. He's living with Meta, together for 13 years, and they have a small kid. I don't have a great relationship with...
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    Fight with my parents

    Would appreciate some help on this. Prelude: I date Idealist for five years now. He lives with Meta and spends a night or two a week at my place. Idealist and Meta are going to have a child. At her age, this was very uncertain even with medical assistance, yet Meta's huge dream. Idealist...
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    Reciprocity and levels of involvement in relationships

    A while ago I wrote about playing with a friend / starting a fwb relationship and not being somewhat afraid of falling in love. Well, that didn't quite happen, at least on my side - I find the biggest part of me only wants to see him say once every two weeks for a scene and then perhaps a follow...
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    Can you handle NRE in a FWB situation?

    Back to basics for me, I guess. So recently I offered a bdsm scene to a dear friend of mine whom I know to be submissive. It was a mutually rewarding experience I believe, yet in the days after I felt the dizziness of falling into love, and when we talked he admitted to having been in love...
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    A video on coming out

    This is not specific to poly, anyway, a great overview of what to consider beforehand and how to come out The only big area relevant to poly I don't see discussed in the video are the specifics or coming out to your spouse and weighing the impact a...
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    Questions on ethics and having tough conversations

    So. I'm in a 3 years old relationship with Idealist, who's in an 11 years relationship with Meta. Our trio was probably from the beginning never ever on the same page. Back then, Idealist+Meta agreed that he'll be looking for a submissive, but while he's kind of egalitarian and "conduct...
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    2nd Non-Monogamies and Contemporary Intimacies Conference, Vienna

    Just in case someone is interested in going ;)
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    Positive change - your advances on the personal development or spiritual journey

    We often tell each other on this forum to work on some issue, develop some skills, be happy in the moment or change something. The problem I see, as the receivers of such advice, we often have no idea how to start, or we even believe that the task is simply impossible for ourselves, period...
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    What is needed to transition into a long-term relationship when NRE is fading?

    So, obviously, none of my past relationships lasted :) What I see as a repeating pattern now is, that after the first two years (NRE?) I want to do more and more things of my own never mind the partner, the relationship becomes dull, I gradually loose interest in the partner, I start feeling the...
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    Should I feel responsible?

    I have a question regarding my responsibilities to my metamour. Tl;dr of the situation: There is a scheduling conflict about alone time. Idealist doesn't seem really willing to promis Meta an evening during the weak to be hers alone. He cares for time with me, though sometimes other things...
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    The journey to myself

    Hello everyone, this is Tinwen, nice to meet you on my blog! Here, I might store little fragments of thoughts and associations popping into my head when reading other parts of the forum, I will pose questions that don't deserve their own thread, blog about my relationship and life a little...
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    Sorting thoughts before a possible date...

    Hi everyone, I have been around this forum for some time now, and I figure people are really helpful, and I would use few tips now. Thing is, I am really inexperienced when it comes to early dating or just having a crush on someone, I have had three partners throughout my life and in each...
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    Struggling with monogamy/polyamory and jelousy

    Hello, please, I need some outside views on my situation, since I keep getting lost in it, and I am unable to really do anything about it. I has been more then a year now, since I fell madly in love with a poly person. The beginning was very, very tough, since I had never come in touch with...