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    Dear God please

    I'm not sure where to begin. Except to ask myself why? Why the lies and deception. Sabatouge? I think jealousy. I cannot explain it to myself or anyone else except jealousy. And jealousy is about trust isn't it? And so I begin to tell this tale. I'll start I guess with my first red flag. Or if...
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    Me myself and I

    Good morning everyone. My name is Julie. I live in a little country town in NY. I'm 56 yrs. old female. My zodiac is Taurus. And I'm very close to most descriptions of a Taurus woman. I'm still single yes never been married. And never had any children. I've had only a few serious...
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    Middle East men

    Hello all😁. I'm looking for a nice Middle East man. Someone willing to give me some special things. Time love someone who knows how to maintain a woman properly 😀💮. If you're from the Middle East you'll know what I mean. Also I am looking for a lovely lady. Someone special to share the good...