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    New relationship.. shes pregnant

    Hi! I am coming here while I process some information and what has been happening with life and hopefully some different view points and advice if any. I am in a situation with a woman, Dee. (If she ever gets on this site she will probably instantly know it's me making this post btw, if so...
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    I outed myself publicly as poly!!!

    Friends... I am over the moon right now! I just want to share a little story here. -- My hubs and I have been poly for about 2 years, but we never really get luck in landing people. To be clear, we are each looking for separate V's... I am looking for a gf for me. He is looking for a gf for...
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    Bunni's Blog - Bi and Poly Girl

    Hi friends! My name is Bunni. Not irl, though I'd like it to be. I am 26, female and bi. I am married to a male, Mr. J (yes, I do have a "Daddy" complex for him that he doesn't know too deeply of lol). Mr. J. is 28 and we have 2 daughters together, ages 2 and 5. Mr. J is straight. He is a...
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    CO poly

    Hi all, I am looking to make some poly friends in CO -- I'm located in Aurora, 10 minutes from Denver. I am 26 bi and with a long-term partner. We have kids. Have been striking out with women and I've been really sad about it. My real-life friends (I only have 2 friends) are too busy for me...
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    How do you tell someone you're interested in that you're poly?

    Hi guys! Looking for advice. I'm a bi female with a male long-term partner that I share kids with. We are both poly but new to it. We are each looking to date someone separately -- particularly, he is looking for an exclusive girlfriend. I am looking for an exclusive (different) girlfriend for...
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    Hi guys! I'm Bunni. I am 26 yo. bisexual female from CO. I'm in a long-term relationship with a M (for 7 yrs now) and we share two young kids together. We have been talking about being poly for over a year now but have mostly been unsuccessful at finding people interested in us and get...