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    Indian Am from Chennai and was in to Poly
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    Want Friends Hi loverguy2010
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    want friends

    Want Friends Hi Ravi Venkat Raju from Chennai
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    Hi likeminded

    Introduction Thank you Kevin for warm welcome
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    Mine D.O.B 28.03.1966 T.O.B 19.57.46 P.O.B Coimbatore
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    Cannon Introduction Lucky guy from my place having best chance which I have missed in my life.
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    Poly Vignettes: Sharing Success & Happiness

    Poly Vignettes Yes it is very much true in words by experience.
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    can we REALLY love more than one person?

    Yes I do agree and support for loving Mentally more than one and Physically too.
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    Hi likeminded

    Me aged 44 since long time having thoughts similar to Polyamory now here to understand more about and involve myself with experienced guys guidance.
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    Hey there, newbie poly here

    New Bie from India hi all am new to this forum from India happy to be here as one among you.