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    My life so far and how I got here

    So how to start this. How me and hubby got together perhaps... I first met my husband when I was 18 at a college friends house party (in the UK we start college at 16/17). At the time I had a boyfriend who was my first I was with him since I was 15. Tom (hubby) was sleeping with all the girls...
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    New to Polyamory

    Hi people of the internet :) Have recently joined, already made a topic on here about an issue. After a quick flick through some of these topics I thought how nice/interesting this forum is, its nice to openly talk about these things as I don't know anyone who is Poly, seems like everyone...
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    How to react when your husband knocks up another woman?

    Hey people! :) Its impossible to talk to friends about certain things going on in my marriage. I was searching the internet for something I can relate to so I found this forum. Over a year ago or so at work when I was chatting with my best work colleague/friend we were having a bit of a laugh...