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    Please tell me things will get better. I need to hear it.

    Wow. It's August 2016. I haven't been back in forever. I came back because my journey with Audrey seems over. We broke up last week and I'm devastated. That's not even the word. Decimated. I should probably go back a bit before this to explain how it happened. Audrey and I started dating not...
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    Survey of couple priority

    I know that volumes have been written about couple preference/priority. I've recently become curious about how others approach the issue. Depending on your poly philosophy, priority can or cannot be unfair. Someone's previous history may necessitate partners who can enthusiastically agree to...
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    How to handle this situation?

    In less than a year, my significant other will be turning 21 and will want to celebrate going out. She wants to take a trip to New Orleans and really do it up big. I'm all for that of course. My 21st was a blast and I want her to have that. We're both in a bit of a quandry. We both are...
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    My sexual insecurity (a little graphic)

    This is a really hard thing for me to open up about, but I feel like there's a lot of great people on these boards, so I'm coming to you for help. What I'm writing about isn't in relation to one particular partner, but about my own reaction to sex. About 8 months ago, I divorced my wife of 14...
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    Alabama anyone?

    Anyone poly in Alabama want to meet up? My SO and I are in Montgomery. There's a kink group here, but a group specifically for poly people would be great. Even if it's just me treating you to coffee as you pass through town, let me know. Thanks!
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    Head spinning. Every day is a different adventure.

    This will be my blog about the poly relationship I am in with a girl that I will simply call M. I am 42, male, straight, divorced with no kids, and lean monogamous. M is 20 years old, female, pansexual, never married, and polyamorous. I live in the house I inherited from my father, trying to...
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    What's reasonable for me to expect?

    I was about to reply in the "What should I expect my partner to share about me to others" thread, but didn't want to hijack the thread. Let me start by saying that I understand that telling someone you have a primary they will be secondary to is a severe party pooper. My girl goes on dates with...
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    Coping mechanisms?

    So yesterday, my SO and I had a phenomenal day. Followed by a great night. Followed by amazing sex in the morning and a day of hanging out and having fun. I knew she had a date tonight and I thought I was mentally prepared. I even helped her get ready and she snagged one of the bottles of wine...
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    Mind twisting. Am I being too sensitive?

    If you could offer an opinion or two on our situation, I'd appreciate you more than you'd know. You're wonderful even to have the site up with all the resources. My mind is just racing. I promise I'll make it brief. I think I really just need help with better relationship rules. I'm 43 and...