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    Jealousy and compersion, retroactively

    Hi all, I dip in and out of this forum, really want to stick around more. Anyway, I'm in a relationship with Sagan (m, 36), who is married to Rice (35, f). It's both my and Sagan's first time being actively poly despite both identifying as such for many years and struggling in monogamous...
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    Hierarchical vee relationship or not

    Hi folks, I'm wondering what anyone's opinion is when it comes to hierarchies in relationships? I've only very recently become 'actively' poly, and have been seeing a man (J) for a few months. He and his wife (A) have been together 11 years in total. Now, to me, it's only right and...
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    Hi from Ireland

    Hi everyone, I hope to chat to everyone here :) I'm here to get to know people and hopefully hear some new perspectives. Frankly I'm struggling with a few things since recently becoming 'actively' poly after identifying as such for years, and need to talk to, and hopefully get a little...