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    Feeling guilty

    Names DW (hubs) MW (me) SH (bf) DW finally got a night SH (probably been a week since DW had shared SH bed, nothing we did SH was having personal things going on) last night DW was with SH, this morning about 4:30ish (SH was up she is an early person gets up gets coffee smokes a cig etc) but...
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    Question for guys and the gals

    Just wanting opinions on what the guys here felt if asked or told this question and maybe what reactions gals got from their guys. if the guy ask if you got off are you honest and say no and do they get upset that you tell them the truth or If your not getting off do you let them know and...
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    Have question for all you good people

    ( W2 is gf Hubs is hubs) heard good to do nicknames. Anyway things going good, bumps in the road at first but all smooth for now (fingers crossed) anyway right now its still hubs one night me next night W2. My question is W2 doesn't want hubs with her tonight (I think she will change her mind...
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    Need advice how to not let it get to me

    Wife2 and I share nights, well last night was wives night but that day she had a bad day and was pissed at the world needless to say didn't want anyone around during the day etc, hubs when going to bed said she sleeping good and like sprawled across the bed I hate to wake her, I told him no its...
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    New to this

    My best friend is now 2nd wife only 2 weeks in living with us, late summer is when ball got rolling took a while work out details etc. Right now hubs one night with me then wife2, no prob there i want us to have equal time. Need to know how i handle this feeling i am having, nights with wife2...