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  1. Evie

    In the garden

    I wasn't expecting it to happen this soon, but when I talked with Puck today, it got honest and raw although calm and positive, and I asked to remove my day collar. We're both hurting, but are being kind with it. It actually changes nothing about our day to day interactions, it simply changes...
  2. Evie

    In the garden

    My bike needs repairs. The back wheel seized up on Thursday afternoon. The shipping company have apparently had the kitset in their yard 40 mins away all week after trying just once to contact Adam (and not getting through). I have some marking (grading) to do this weekend - about 8 hours...
  3. Evie

    Mourning my lost relationships & looking forward

    All the best with your healing and future tests!
  4. Evie

    Identity is Weird

    Hi MsHMC2 That looks like a lovely group of people you have around you! Small tip, single initials can become hard to follow when you are writing about a variety of people in one paragraph. Many of us who write regularly have some kind of full nickname people can use and know, so even if they...
  5. Evie

    NonTechnical Questions About Making a Polyam Discord Server

    Hi Moon, The Fireplace is definitely a good place for this and I hope that someone who knows about Discord will show up and help you out :-) I'm sure you've found our guidelines if they are of any use to you. Here, even as a polyamory focused board, we frequently get ENM people or people at...
  6. Evie

    In the garden

    Equilux has passed, equinox is in just a couple of hours as I write, and daylight saving time begins this weekend. I love this part of spring as I find myself, this year at least, with more energy to do longer hours at work and therefore reduce my stress levels. I also love the more hours of...
  7. Evie


    You seem to be saying that you are looking to meet a couple over 50 years of age (taken from your profile posts) who would like to travel in an RV with you or that you would like to join them in their RV (cannot tell from your posts so far if you are actually an RV owner). Perhaps you may like...
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  9. Evie

    Prostrate to Soul.

    This is now just proselytizing and I am closing this thread.
  10. Evie

    Embarrassed in the Bedroom

    That's a bit of a bugger you felt embarrassed, there's really no need to, and you may find that a different woman would give a different direction. You can almost guarantee that you wife doesn't actually know everything that would feel pleasurable to her yet, or that something she didn't...
  11. Evie

    In the garden

    Thank you both! I did take the whole week off and I was well enough come Saturday that I wanted to get out of the house. So I enlisted Adam and we drove an hour north to the nicer of the near twin cities. We ended up doing a bit of a progressive eating and drinking thing and about 6pm decided...
  12. Evie

    I am finally here!

    Welcome BlueSky. Lovely to read an intro that shows inner work has already been done and progress made. I'm really happy for you both in what you have accomplished so far!
  13. Evie

    Never kissed a girl, want to try threesome

    I'm going to assume you are American and so have moved your post to the Friendships and Dating section of the site.
  14. Evie

    Fantasy vs Reality

    I don't think it's either healthy or unhealthy. I honestly don't think there could be a general rule and would depend entirely on what those issues from either Orange or Purple would be. I think it is natural to enjoy the NRE and limit any disruption to this. But NRE is not a relationship. I'm...
  15. Evie

    Fantasy vs Reality

    Sounds like Red and Blue would like to be wrapped up in NRE for a while and not talk with each other about their other relationship issues because these would distract from the NRE. Then, eventually they will start learning about all the other bits and pieces that make up the other's daily life...
  16. Evie

    Poly-Friendly Pagans?

    Sorry, I don't have any links to chakra meditations. Recording one yourself wouldn't be a bad idea, just remember to include something at the end to bring you back.
  17. Evie

    What polyamory skills are great relationship skills in general?

    Be courteous - at home, our underlying principle is courtesy. This tends to manifest as changing the sheets if we've hosted another person, not letting someone else use my special mugs, letting each other know where we are going and when we expect to be back, and messaging if that changes. Two...
  18. Evie

    Partner and I are at a critical point, please help

    Figure out why you are so anti-men. Then work on that as YOUR issue. And stop cock-blocking her - she's right, her sexual autonomy is incredibly important (as is yours). Stop trying to control her and control YOURSELF instead. It will take soul searching, but it's very doable. Gala has provided...
  19. Evie

    Poly-Friendly Pagans?

    Astrology is one of the three disciplines in hermeticism, but I'm not that disciplined... You might be like, hermet-what? But that's where your very familiar "as above, so below" originated. Except that's a contraction. The whole phrase is "That which is above is from that which is below, and...
  20. Evie


    What if your lover got a more reliable birth control?