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    New life

    My prior relationship was vetoed by Driver after 8 months. While we still love each other, we honor his decision. Life must go on, however. SW said she would never be interested in a relationship. This changed after we conversed with a couple looking for a another couple. This has led to...
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    It is over

    Driver, husband to my secondary, Teach, said we can no longer see each other. He advised us that he was no longer comfortable with us having a relationship. SW my wife and primary has been very supportive. Initially, Driver, wanted Teach and I together. It would have been better if we could...
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    Thank you for this forum. I am the bottom of a v. My wife of 36 yrs on one side, my Life Partner on the other. My wife and I both swing for fun. My LP and her husband do as well. My LP and I are the only crossover between the two couples. Her husband has issues due to the love aspect. My...