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  1. Velvet

    How to help my partner w/ Insecurities?

    I only just was shown this website Anyway, from the website, one of the articles was Relationship Assumptions. And one of the bad assumptions was "My partner is with me because I tricked him or her…". It must be almost every other day my partner Ave tells me this. Then I...
  2. Velvet

    History in progress

    I created an intro thread here if anyone wanted to see how that went. I wanted to a blog journal document thing about how I came to poly and how the heck I going to continue being a poly relationship. The thing I know is that I would not be able to handle any relationship without the supreme...
  3. Velvet

    Poly, Loving It, but Still in the Closet about it

    I've been reading around this forum and thought I would make an account in case I want to post on something. I'm female, since around 2005 I have been in a V relationship with two men. My man Ave and I live together, he is completely monogamous and I am the only woman he has ever had a...