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  1. LilacViolin

    Waiting, or maybe not.

    **Disclaimer: I am sick with a fever, and I think it makes sense but I'm not absolutely sure.** The uncertainty continues... I have been dating Rose for two years. Last weekend she visited Orchid for the first time in a little more than two years. (Yes, I am the rebound girl) They really...
  2. LilacViolin


    So, Rose returned home from seeing Orchid. Upon returning she told me that she would like to be best friends, affectionate friends, but friends. No sex. She said those two words quite a few times actually. I feel rejected and sad about the whole thing. Rose told me that she is not...
  3. LilacViolin

    Email pal

    I have an email penpal that I have been writing with for a few months now. I really enjoy that type of conversation. It was awkward at first but it seems to work for us. We both have similar interests - are both poly, have kids, enjoy kink, music, spirituality, etc. Anyhow, I was wondering...
  4. LilacViolin

    Relationship in turmoil

    Hi. Programmer and I have been dating Rose for two years. We started out as a triad, then moved to more of a Vee, with me as the hinge. Programmer and Rose had sex when I was there but really didn't connect as lovers emotionally. As time went on I began to lean more on Rose emotionally...
  5. LilacViolin

    new girl in town

    Hi :) Let's see, I'm Lilac. I live in Dallas with my spouse. We've been in the poly world for quite a while, mostly with one other person, and mostly a woman. Now I'm dating a woman - times are really hard right now - and he's not dating anyone. We're talking about joining the local poly...