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    Glossary and Definitions

    Polywog warning - I'm new to all this. A few thoughts though. Personally, I feel we don't need to help jealousy get taken seriously. Wibbles is awesome. However, I have some trouble with the definition of jealousy stated here. To me, being new to poly, it's something very nuanced, and it...
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    Gay, Bi-, Queer Polyamory

    River, I'll join in the Yay! About this thread though... Let's not hurry to give theories about the gay men - let them speak for themselves. It might just be that we don't hear much from them 'cause we're not inviting them enough. And giving theories about how they work probably isn't helping...
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    Not enough?

    Tricky question. Of course, it's easily turned around. Is my love not enough for you? You need exclusivity as well? Anywho, Vonnegut wrote something fantastic on the subject..... *shuffles through library* It's from a speech he did, for graduating students at some college. It's stuck with me...
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    Emotional cheating in mono relationships

    Do believe you. Just don't quite grasp the concept, I guess. Not sure what you mean. But it'll probably just end up in splitting hairs, so I'll just go with believing you. SNecail, that's probably the most sane view on the subject. Cheating, to me, implies lying and/or breaking rules &...
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    On the lighterside...The 'Things I never thought I would say...'

    I'm longing for the day, myself. Mine's an awesome wingman, but a bit too green on the poly thing so far. and... Sister wife. Best word this year.
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    Emotional cheating in mono relationships

    I just left a 9-year mono relationship, and recently started to live as poly. Back thern, I got by by denial. Simply distanced myself from anyone I felt attracted to, often without admitting the feelings even to myself. I believe every mono relationship needs to find ways to deal with...