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  1. ZeroDrakken

    When a Unicorn Plays in Other Pastures

    When our unicorn left us, I think it hurt more than any other breakup I've had. Now, our situation was a little different - she left because she was afraid her presence was going to drive my wife and I apart (despite the fact that it was a drama-free relationship, and I'm pretty sure we were...
  2. ZeroDrakken

    Glossary and Definitions

    I'm familiar with a lot of those (and I too am loathe to actually use them) but the DH was a new one for me. Thanks for the update.
  3. ZeroDrakken

    Glossary and Definitions

    I've seen the term used alot... but what exactly does "DH" stand for? Is it (as I keep imagining) imported and ironically repurposed baseball slang, or is it something else entirely?
  4. ZeroDrakken

    Polyamorous vs Promiscuous - A Question of Motive

    Yeah, OKCupid seems ok, but my geographic location is definitely causing me issues for anyone even sorta nearby. Also, it requires me making the first move (still), of which I am historically terrible at. Still, the fact that I even have a profile is a leaps-and-bounds improvement over where I...
  5. ZeroDrakken

    Poly couple in SW Ohio looking for friends, more

    I'm a 32 year old straight male, my wife a 29 year old bi female. We're looking for other likeminded people to befriend and, if things go well, maybe more. We're both snarky, funny, nerdy type people who feel completely out-of-our depth in the country, which is where we moved a couple of...
  6. ZeroDrakken

    Polyamorous vs Promiscuous - A Question of Motive

    Ok, so I'm looking at OkCupid to see if there's anything or anyone of interest there. Some of you sound like you've got experience with it - any recommendations on how to frame my profile so that I'm not surprising anybody? I see that you can mark yourself married and still mark it that you're...
  7. ZeroDrakken

    Polyamorous vs Promiscuous - A Question of Motive

    I haven't really looked into online dating much, but mainly because I haven't been "actively" looking to date until now. It's something i'd certainly consider though. I still would like another unicorn situation (what can I say, I'm a fan of one stop shopping) but I understand how unrealistic...
  8. ZeroDrakken

    Polyamorous vs Promiscuous - A Question of Motive

    To clarify, M is not my wife. Here are the four characters in my life... Me - Me, straight male poly an in open relationship, now married Wife - Bi female poly in an open relationship, now married (to me) The Unicorn - Bi female poly formerly in a triad with my wife and I, left us because she...
  9. ZeroDrakken

    Polyamorous vs Promiscuous - A Question of Motive

    The problem is that M - I suspect - is still a little hung up on me from our not-quite-a-relationship years ago. She still sees me with somewhat rose-tinted glasses, and when I talk to her about my problems, she dismisses them saying that I'm awesome and don't actually need any help. Like the...
  10. ZeroDrakken

    Poly family in WV

    Being currently stuck in mid-rural Ohio, I feel your pain. We've given up entirely on meeting anyone locally and have started looking at cities nearby to see if we can find anybody we mesh with. Good luck!
  11. ZeroDrakken

    Polyamorous vs Promiscuous - A Question of Motive

    You're completely right about the "course on flirting and innuendo" - these used to come easily to me, but for a long time it's like that part of my brain had just gone dormant and now that I'm actively trying to use it again, the rust in the gears is making me feel even more socially uneasy...
  12. ZeroDrakken

    Polyamorous vs Promiscuous - A Question of Motive

    The problem is that I don't actually have those past relationships - I've always identified as poly (or at least having the capacity to be) but have been strictly mono (though not for trying). Aside from the brief period of time where we had a "unicorn" (as you folks have dubbed them) pass...
  13. ZeroDrakken

    Does this bug you?

    The only thing I'm curious is if she does this textbombing thing when you AREN'T alone too. It may be that she's just a constant mindless communicator and can't stand not to share her thoughts and feelings - interrupting your special time is not cool, but if she's also doing it when he's at...
  14. ZeroDrakken

    Polyamorous vs Promiscuous - A Question of Motive

    Yeah, I probably coulda used the term "man whore" so much more effectively here, but then I'd lose the parallel I was attempting to draw through minimal alliteration.
  15. ZeroDrakken

    Polyamorous vs Promiscuous - A Question of Motive

    I'm fairly new to these forums - I've been reading around, and I've seen some of these questions fielded, but nothing that completely matches what I'm going through, so if you don't mind a well-written and dramatic tale of love and woe, here you go... Neither my wife nor I really ever...
  16. ZeroDrakken

    My intro

    We're in the same boat, sorta... we've always been open, but after we got married - and then had a kid - it's made getting out and meeting people willing to get involved with either of us a lot harder. I still regularly attend scifi/fantasy conventions - because I'm an artist and aspiring...
  17. ZeroDrakken

    Introducing myself.

    I'm super new to the forums myself, and since I've been lurking here hoping someone would say hi to me, I figure I'll at least extend the same courtesy to you. So... hi. I get the feeling, reading through the forum here, your problems are fairly common, at least in the "not sure where things...
  18. ZeroDrakken

    Long-term Polys Looking to Learn More

    Hey, everybody, I've been reading around here for a little while but figure I might as well introduce myself, and what better place than "Introductions", right? My wife and I started dating when we were in our teens (we're late 20's/early 30's now), and are now married with a 2 year old. We've...