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  1. Endicott

    The Downside of Poly: Article in Psychology Today

    An article by Ms. D Anapol in Psychology Today, noting the downside to poly. I thought she made some very good points. What do you think?
  2. Endicott

    Your fave poly books - fiction and non fiction

    This is one of the questions that came out of this month's polyamory social (Broward Florida): what books would you recommend people to read that are poly friendly and/or poly relevant? Fiction or non fiction I know this topic has been talked to death, but there is always something new that...
  3. Endicott

    Online Dating… OKCupid... what a trip. What works for you?

    Poly dating is fun! I haven’t dated in 30 yrs as a "single" man (Pru and I were always a couple...a package deal) and it has been an illuminating experience. Dating as a poly, to me, is difficult. Monog women are scared of the idea as it smacks, in their mind, of infidelity. Many can’t...
  4. Endicott

    What is polyamorous love?

    Is it different from the love found in a monogamous relationship? We recently attended a poly conference, and I found it interesting that Love was a word readily bantered about, much like what is done in vanilla society. -I love pizza - I love ya, man! - I love you Mommy But when I asked...