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  1. ZeroDrakken

    Poly couple in SW Ohio looking for friends, more

    I'm a 32 year old straight male, my wife a 29 year old bi female. We're looking for other likeminded people to befriend and, if things go well, maybe more. We're both snarky, funny, nerdy type people who feel completely out-of-our depth in the country, which is where we moved a couple of...
  2. ZeroDrakken

    Polyamorous vs Promiscuous - A Question of Motive

    I'm fairly new to these forums - I've been reading around, and I've seen some of these questions fielded, but nothing that completely matches what I'm going through, so if you don't mind a well-written and dramatic tale of love and woe, here you go... Neither my wife nor I really ever...
  3. ZeroDrakken

    Long-term Polys Looking to Learn More

    Hey, everybody, I've been reading around here for a little while but figure I might as well introduce myself, and what better place than "Introductions", right? My wife and I started dating when we were in our teens (we're late 20's/early 30's now), and are now married with a 2 year old. We've...