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    Timelines; A bit of bragging, and a question.

    Hey everyone, I hope all is well, and thank you for the help everyone has. It is a bit of a rough time for me, personally and my gf and her husband reunited so it is a time of shifting resources. My gf met up with a ONS for a second time and as it was on the cusp of my boundary comfort, I am up...
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    Feeling guilty when looking to expand..

    Hey board, It has been awhile since i asked for help and I'm fighting jealousy, though who doesn't. My long term gf is married, but she just moved back! We had a great reunion and caught up physically and romantically as soon as she could. We made plans to see each other pretty often in the...
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    Is This the Final Red Flag? Hotwife, Poly, and Possible Rectification

    I hope you are all safe, sane, and well... I need a little help from you "pros" out there on a situation. A few years back I exchanged info with a couple who was in the hotlife style though I am much more polyamorous than I am a swinger, etc. I understand this is a spectrum, though when first...