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  1. Magdlyn

    Both sides of the story

    Hmm, building my confidence enough to divorce my husband of 30 years (10 years after attempting polyamory to one degree or another) took work. I went to couples counseling with him 4 times over the years of our relationship. The 3rd counselor was poly-friendly, LGBTQ-friendly, and just open to...
  2. Magdlyn

    Single Georgia male seeks MFF long term relationship.

    Hi, this forum is where people post to seek dates. If you have questions about how to form a V or triad, you are better off asking for advice in our Relationships section.
  3. Magdlyn

    Cincinnati Ohio here

    Welcome to the board, DaCooper!
  4. Magdlyn

    Married couple looking to form mff in Cincinnati Ohio

    I think this is what you meant to say?
  5. Magdlyn

    Partner and I are at a critical point, please help

    Haha! Good one. ;) Correct. Our autonomy is our right as human beings. Enslavement is wrong. It's accepted in the patriarchy that one person (usually a man) can own another person. In the patriarchy, men owned their wives and daughters and tried to control their sexuality, in order to ensure...
  6. Magdlyn

    Both sides of the story

    Attempting polyamory in my formerly monogamous marriage of 20 years did not go well. I didn't tell me (ex) husband I was poly. He knew I was all along... but we didn't have a word for it in 1999. Even though I'd been loyal and never physically cheated, I was polyamorous at heart. Finally he...
  7. Magdlyn

    Dr Richard Carrier on polyamory

    Yeah, I found those ideas kind of quirky. But he wrote that in 2015, so maybe his views have evolved. I think he was just going by what he saw in his polycule and hadn't done enough research yet.
  8. Magdlyn

    Trying to understand

    He can be asked to consider how he defines his terms. I agree co-primaries can be a thing, even if you don't cohabit with either one, or just cohabit with one and not the other. I would prefer you don't describe someone's behavior as shitty. If the OP went to her bf and said, "You're acting...
  9. Magdlyn

    Dr Richard Carrier on polyamory

    Another article defining polyamory or ethical non-monogamy: I agree with most of it, but I have some quibbles. Most glaring is his assertion that most polyamorists swing! I have not found this to be true. I know some EX-swingers who now ID as...
  10. Magdlyn

    In the garden

    Your patience with this LDR is beyond belief!
  11. Magdlyn

    Trying to understand

    Feelings are feelings. They happen. They are neither good or bad, OK or not OK. It's how you manage your feelings (infatuation, anger, grief, etc.) that matters. If you're not sure how you fit into his life yet, and haven't seen a clear development as far as being more deeply involved in his...
  12. Magdlyn

    I can't shove my poly self back into that mono box anymore!

    One of us mods would be happy to move your thread to the Relationships section, where you will get more feedback. Just say the word. :)
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    I exist (in TX)

    You can also post in our North America forum here, mentioning your area and saying you're looking for poly friends and /or a network.
  14. Magdlyn

    Is she really Polyamorous?

    Minor nitpick, but there are other things women do in toilets besides pee and chat online... (poop, or have a menstrual issue [or both at once] for example)! It seems you knew your ex was in the habit of dating multiple men simultaneously long before you decided to fuck and then date her. Maybe...
  15. Magdlyn

    StubbleSelector Introduction

    Since humans are innately poly, and monogamy is just a social construct, it forces most people to lie to their partners/spouses about their attractions to others. Jealousy is seen as a sign of love, so if we stray even by looking at others irl, or using porn, all hell can break loose between a...
  16. Magdlyn

    Dr Richard Carrier on polyamory

    The Historicity book is 2000 pages on my e-reader, if you're up for it. I understand his newer book, Jesus From Outer Space, is more layperson-reader friendly. I don't find his writing style obnoxious, personally. He keeps things kind of conversational to be more approachable. Try his YouTubes...
  17. Magdlyn


    It can be hard to see where we are. Sometimes it takes another person's POV to see where we are. He is treating you badly. He doesn't get to tell you what you can and can't do. You are your own person with your own right to make choices. He's not your owner, or boss, or father. He's just some...
  18. Magdlyn

    Dr Richard Carrier on polyamory

    I've recently become reacquainted with the work of Dr Richard Carrier. I used to read him on the Secular Web atheist's forum years ago, but lately I've been watching his talks on YouTube, and reading his book "On the Historicity of Jesus" (hint: there is no convincing evidence he existed). But...
  19. Magdlyn

    Hartford CT area?

    I'm in Central MA. Welcome to the board. :)
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    Worried for an ex in a new-to-poly marriage

    Hey, welcome to the board. I read your blog too. I feel empathy for you. Sometimes you meet someone who touches you so deeply, it can be hard to let go. There's this down deep connection on a visceral level. I've had that happen to me a handful of times in my life. (And it can even be platonic...