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  1. Inaniel

    Tell the family or censor the child.

    Me: Rico; 36, M, hinge in poly V, FMF closed Wife: Bird; 33, F, in relationship with Rico since 2009 Girlfriend: Cat, 35, F, in relationship with Rico since 2017, moved in with Rico and Bird in 2019 Daughter; Butterfly, 7, F, offspring of Rico and Bird A little background: Kitchen-table, poly...
  2. Inaniel

    Is it ethical to be poly and only be attracted to mono people?

    A thread I recently replied to got me thinking about this concept. I feel like there is ethical dilemma when it comes to one sided polly. I feel like we see this pretty often in this community; one person in a historically mono relationships has a change of heart and wants to peruse Poly, and...
  3. Inaniel

    So I accidently came out to my parents...

    It was an unremarkable night. Abby had a job interview the following morning, I was recruited to help her pick out a nice outfit, and mentally prepare. I wanted something healthy for dinner, the decision was made to meet at the store after work; Target specifically because Abby needed to buy...
  4. Inaniel

    Getting special permission for edits..

    I made a post in the introductions forum and copy/pasted it from the word processor on my phone. As a result some odd characters were injected into the post. Not sure what went wrong but now that I have noticed it I would like to be able to correct the errors. Is that possible?
  5. Inaniel

    Hi.* I'm Inaneil

    I'm 33 and a father to a georgus little girl, she's 3 1/2 and the light of my life, just as beautiful as her momma and just as stubborn as her daddy as I like to say. I have trouble throwing myself into any one category.* I'm a Libra if your into that sort of thing.*I'm predominantly a left...
  6. Inaniel

    Creating a Poly V

    I don't know if I registered here with intention; I don't know anything anymore. I'm at a conference for work and finally have time to breathe; that's all I know. I thought about calling this thread "The Great Experiment" because my partner and I are embarking on a new journey by introducing a...