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  1. PinkPig

    Pink's Journey

    It seems I'm at a crossroads. Or maybe it's a midlife awakening? At any rate, my life is changing so quickly that I barely have time to process one change and regain my footing, before the next has my head spinning again. Seems like an appropriate time to start a blog :rolleyes: I am Pink...
  2. PinkPig

    Help with partner's new relationship

    My partner, Blue, & I have been together for two years. Our lives are intertwined....he spends time with my children, stays over night most nights. We all take vacations together. He maintains his own home so that he has a place to host other women when he's dating. I've tried dating but...
  3. PinkPig

    What do you do to center yourself?

    So, I've been in a really pissy mood of late and am in desperate need of an attitude adjustment. Please post the things you do that center you and keep you sane :)
  4. PinkPig

    Sleeping Arrangements

    I am admittedly, somewhat freaky about my sleep. After years of fighting insomnia, I'm finally in a position where I sleep soundly most nights. It took me a considerable amount of time to adjust to sleeping at my partner's house, and I still don't usually sleep well at hotels. Reading the...
  5. PinkPig

    Polysaturation and balance

    Can we talk about polysaturation and how to maintain balance, boundaries, and commitments to current relationship(s) while pursuing new relationships? My questions specifically are: * How do you determine your saturation level? * Have you had to walk away from a new interest because you did...
  6. PinkPig

    Boundaries within relationships

    Can we talk personal boundaries as they relate to poly? Specifically, what boundaries do you have in your romantic/sexual relationships? Maybe how you arrived at those boundaries (ie Did you have previous boundaries that were breached, or rules that you outgrew & tossed? etc.) My reason for...
  7. PinkPig

    Sex drive & poly

    Is there a correlation between higher sex drives and polyamory? I'll admit that my experience is limited (only been in a poly relationship less than 2 years), but it seems the poly people I've met irl, and many that post on here, have higher than average sex drives/greater frequency? Do you...
  8. PinkPig

    Let's talk metamours

    I'm still relatively new to poly (less than 2 years.) One of the many things I find fascinating about poly, is the different ways in which everyone handles metamours. Just for discussion's sake, what is your ideal relationship to your metamour(s) and how does that gel with your partner(s)...
  9. PinkPig

    Poly = want to date ALL THE MEN!

    I've had several frustrating experiences of late. Blue & I are out as a poly couple to a select group of friends. In addition, we attend poly meet-ups & have made many new poly friends. All great things. Unfortunately, several of the men seem to assume that woman in a poly relationship with...
  10. PinkPig

    Fear & Insecurity when your partner is in NRE

    My partner, Blue, is in a new relationship with a woman I'll call Red. He's spending more time with her and on the phone with her. The result is that there's less time for us (which isn't a bad thing persay as we spend a lot of time together... not married and not living together but together...
  11. PinkPig

    Family style living in poly

    I love the concept of living communally, as a family with my love(s) and metamours. Obviously, I realize that there are many reasons why this wouldn't work/be ideal...ranging from personality styles to finances, and communication and organizational skills, etc, etc. It's also not a possibility...
  12. PinkPig

    Dealing with anxiety when your SO is dating

    I'm newer to the poly thing. My current bf, Blue, is my first poly relationship. We've been together a year. During that time, he's dated 3 people. He was already involved with the first two when we started dating. I had no anxiety over those relationships... I think because they were...
  13. PinkPig

    Mono, Poly, or ?? Does it even matter?

    I'm PinkPig (40s F), in a relationship with Blue (40s M.) We met when my monogamous marriage of 25 years was falling apart. We've been dating a year (divorced the same.) Blue is poly. During our relationship, he dated a couple other women. I have always practiced monogamy... until he...
  14. PinkPig

    New to Polyamory

    Hi, I'm PinkPig. I'm new to and new to the poly lifestyle. I'm in my early 40s and was in an unhappy, monogamous marriage for 25 years. I've been divorced for a year. Blue & I've been dating since early this year. I've been mono throughout our relationship while he's openly...