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    Are we going mainstream?

    Did anyone besides me catch the little clip on the Fox O'Reilly show about polyamory the other night? Also, a main page on AOL had a wonderful story/article about open marriage with the author of a book on the subject. (Sounds more like poly to me) The link is below...
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    Does anyone have any advice for someone experiencing anger directed toward them from their spouse? Case in point, my wife and I of 27 years.......8 months ago as our best friend's marriage was finally and terminally crumbling, I suggested a "V" relationship be formed with her best friend, her...
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    New to poly

    Hello everyone......I'm looking to see if anyone has experience with our type of wife and I have been married for 27 years, kids are out of the house but not out of the area. Wife's best friend of 25 years and very good friend of mine is now divorced living with us in a poly...