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    Is masturbation sex?

    Hrmm this has really made me think. Masterbation can be so personal to just yourself or a wonderful experience together. Sex is something I feel that requires another person. As an abuse survivor I think that sex can be called many things but it must involve another person. I also think that its...
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    PolyCurious and New. Just saying hi. :]

    Welcome! I hope you enjoy it here. I've not been here long but I've found it helpful and nice to chat with others without having to explain myself :)
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    Is masturbation sex?

    I voted no because of my own personal experiences. I am not meaning to get deep or creepy here. I was abused as a kid and so if masterbation is sex then I had sex since I was around two or three. So I voted no because thats just wrong. I would never say that I had sex that early willingly. As...
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    Where are you from ?

    I'm from Tucson, Arizona and am in a poly of three fmf I enjoy it although we have had some hard times lately. I am here for support and just to learn more :)
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    How do you label youself?

    Thats a good question. I am going to answer as honestly as possible. Mother Housekeeper Doctor (not trained just bandaids n stuff) Survivor a bit sly and sneaky confused at times Bi Polar (unfortunately) strong Theres more I could put but I wont bore yall with my rantings :)
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    My name is Inigo Montoya, you...

    It sounds like you love her very much. I dont hear you discussing your feelings with her. Vandalin has some good suggestions. The biggest thing is communication. If your not ready to date thats totally ok! Just remember to take your time and do what is right for you. :)
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    Team Edward or Team Jacob?

    @Edward I think her view is interesting because it is based purely on her imagination and the word of mouth Lore that exists today. I think its also humanities way of making good out of crap :)
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    My name is Inigo Montoya, you...

    "You killed my father!, Prepare to die!" Princess Bride One of my most favorite movies! Campy to the best degree :) As for how you feel... take a look around and read some peoples stories and questions. I think some of your questions are in these cyber pages. As for my feelings. I am discovering...
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    Team Edward or Team Jacob?

    @Karma I love your picture!
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    Team Edward or Team Jacob?

    So I just saw Eclipse! It was wonderful! I hope you all see it soon :) It was awsome... and btw Team Edward and Jacob need to hook up LOL
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    Hello all!!!! Like to introduce myself.

    Welcome and I hope you enjoy learning and getting to know people here. I am new too and really like being able to read others questions and answers so I dont have to ask them all :) As for love... remember that even the bible says that love is endless. You cannot run out! Thats the best part...
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    Ok so its my turn now...

    Thank you both! I was so exited to find this place. I felt a little isolated even with there being a group here where I live. Most of them are not in a simular space to me and I am rather quiet until I get to know people. So being "faceless" here helps!
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    Team Edward or Team Jacob?

    I hated the whole vampire thing until this but now I am reading another vampire series called the "House of Night" novels. I also am looking at a few others. I am a Harry Potter fan too but Vamps is new for me :)
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    Why do you use the online name that you use?

    Another MIRC person!! :) Ok so while I am at it my nick is newer. Solar is for sun. Winds is for well my love of the wind. Fly is because I love to dream of flying and I think we all should find a way to fly. A note my old handle was xapis_1 which is pronounced Chare-iss and its greek for love...
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    Poly music

    Ok so I love music:) I like all the classics from the eighties and seventies. As for Poly friendly I say anything as long as it doesnt specify singing to a spacific gender. I also am non traditional for weddings so Anything goes there too! I'm all for rock n out at the wedding/handfasting :)
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    Team Edward or Team Jacob?

    After reading I think she does need introduction to Poly and take them BOTH!! hehehehe I cant wait to see Eclipse this weekend:) So yes I'm a teenage vamp wannabe (as is wishing I was a teenager not a vamp! LOL)OH and yes i'm team Edward :)
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    Recent Poly History?

    I agree with Ariakas that lack of choice seems to set the difference for me. I really dont care what it is called as long as there is a choice and no children involved. I would encourage people to think through what they want and to take time to learn before they get involved. Big thing...
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    Poly Lessons We've Learned

    This has to be the best poem i've read about people in abusive situations... may I use it in another forum for people whom have been abused?
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    Poly Lessons We've Learned

    NRE? I am lost again sorry....
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    Extroversion, Introversion & Ambiversion

    I am mostly an introvert in that I like to stay at home , but there are times that I just need to get out and be with people. Being bipolar but medicated make me the official introverted extrovert! hehehe