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    Physical intimacy with friends

    Below is a statement from another thread, and my response. I would really appreciate feedback. :o To clarify, I don't mean making relationships with these people in the typical sense, like bf/gf. Just friends, with whom you also have sex, because it seems a natural compliment to your emotional...
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    Chase away the Mondays

    This video had our whole office cracking up today ... Cute AND funny! :D
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    Old rules - giggle with me!

    I was talking with Indigo the other week, and realized we had an old rule/guideline/boundary that hadn't officially been dismissed, but was kind of laughable at this point. So, I'd like to hear about any rules you've had that now, seem a bit funny! Here's mine: When we were "transitioning"...
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    Dating two people ...
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    Thank you, admins!

    A big thank you to whomever cleaned the site up this morning! You guys don't get enough credit. :) (Feel free to delete this, since it's not poly.)
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    I did it!

    Mr. A is a commercial pilot, just starting his career. This weekend, we're going flying together, in a little four seat Cessna for the first time. <insert obvious joke here> At any rate, I was chatting with my officemate just now and asked if he had any plans for the weekend. He said not...
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    Who started it?

    Indigo has pointed out to me that many people he's told about our poly assume that as the male half of our couple, he initiated it. This is not the case. So, in the interest of science, who started it in your relationship, if it wasn't already in place? :D ETA: I've realized I have excluded...
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    Help me find the right words

    I thought I was over NRE with my boyfriend of two months (Mr. A), but after reading other posts and reflecting on our relationship, I know that I'm only over the giddy-make-me-feel-sick part, and that we are still in a honeymoon phase, even if its form is changing. Mr. A and Indigo are getting...
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    When does attraction start?

    So I saw this statement in another post and had a very strong YES to it. While it may not be enough to warrant its own thread, I have enough to say to warrant not hijacking the OT. :D I need to get to know the vast majority of men before any sort of attraction develops ... I have to hear them...
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    This is a lot of work. (TP's story, when she feels like updating)

    Well duh. Indigo and I just had another chat. It was good and productive, like all of our chats have been since we've started down the rabbit hole. But I'm tired of talking and crying and talking and crying right now, despite the good results. Alright. I lie. I'm just plain tired. I'm actually...
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    First time meet and greet ... *gulp*

    So, it's in the works, and will probably happen in the next month or so. My fiancé, R, said he would like to meet A, my new interest, when we settle (ie, when crazy NRE is under control). I brought it up with A, and he agreed immediately. I was a pleasantly surprised by his ease with the idea...
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    Hi all, A little bit about me ... I'm a 25 year old bisexual female, who thought for the longest time she was doomed to be a cheater or serial monogamist. I didn't even know there was a word for how I felt about love and sex, let alone a whole darn community! While I've known I was poly for...