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    GF's husband is making her call it quits

    So for a mono this should probably be a dream come true but I just see the pain it is causing my husband. J's husband, who oddly enough is also poly, swinger actually is more his title although he has fallen in lover with women outside his marriage. They just had to move so he and her are no...
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    The Blog of the Mono Wife

    I am reentering my story here and using this thread as my own little blog. Please feel free to comment. I just thought this would be a good place to let stuff out. This all started when I found out my husband had fallen in love and cheated with a coworker. It was a terrible time but instead of...
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    Home Tonight While Husband is with GF

    I think we really need some good blog areas on this site. Husband is with J tonight while I am here at home. Normally I find a way to keep busy so I don't dwell. Most of you know my story by now. For those that don't here is a quick run through... This all started when I found out my husband had...
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    I Don't Know If I Can Do This

    I guess first I should say that I am not the one in my marriage that has a significant other outside. It is my husband and it just all started coming out and happening in the past week. Now here I sit typing and looking for help on how to deal with my emotional rollacoaster. Let me start with...