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  1. Phy

    Mya's search for balance

    Sorry to read about that :( Really sorry for you. If moving could serve as a distraction and you think about moving anyway some time in the future, maybe it would be a good time for it. At least it sounds as if you need a change of air.
  2. Phy

    Phy's story - As you like it

    We can derive a benefit from the simple fact that our twins are twins in comparison to a single child: They can and want to play together. We do not have to be with them all of the time. But that does not grant us that much time on the 'plus-side' overall, of course. I don't know if it makes...
  3. Phy

    Phy's story - As you like it

    Well ... almost ten months later! How is everyone doing? I haven't been to the forum in ages and am back right now because of, well, procrastination unfortunately :p School is on summer break and I should work on all the paperwork and my preparations for my final degree, but ... ah well, I...
  4. Phy

    How to react when your husband knocks up another woman?

    Sounds overall more positive and level headed. Good for you. I wish you luck, patience and compassion in the upcoming months. Family reaction can be quite harsh and hard to stomach. Happened to us as well, when we introduced our respective families to our living arrangement (me and my two...
  5. Phy

    Phy's story - As you like it

    Well, that was a longer search for my blog in the section ;) Feels like necromancing my own thread. Hey everyone, I hope you are doing fine and everyone is well. As we just had to clear a stumbling block from our path I thought about checking in and write about it. There are many factors...
  6. Phy

    Mya's search for balance

    Sounds intense on all fronts. I guess that is always the inherent danger when dealing with multiple relationships under one roof: Breakups complicate things considerably. I hope it stays civil and bearable.
  7. Phy

    Can a 10 year mono relationship turn mono-poly?

    Hm, I was drawn by the title but our stories don't quite match each other. We were mono for eleven years as well and then my second partner finally and fully came into the picture. But I never actively pursued it, quite the opposite actually, and there were no kids when we started out. We are...
  8. Phy

    Ask a triad - advice column

    Does it even have to be a triad, self? Why not a V type relationship with you as the hinge? If the women are not in love with each other it's ok to not force that. If your wife wants to explore with a woman it can stay physical and everybody will know what they get into without the pressure of...
  9. Phy

    Polyandry advice required

    Hey there. We have been through all of this. First of all, sorry to hear that your family is not accepting and making it hard for you. Mine was as well and that of my husband ... well, they needed time. In short: I am with my husband for 16 years by now. I met my bf about 9 years ago and we...
  10. Phy

    Redpepper's journey

    I can't agree with your view of poly in general, but yours sepcifically ... yes :( Sorry this happened to you and changed everything for you.
  11. Phy

    Poly after being cheate)d on...(long post

    This is all about him. Is there a certain wish, you want to realize? You can not change his needs or wants. If he does not have any desire in that regard, everything is fine, als long as you do not want other things out of your realtionship right now.
  12. Phy

    Phy's story - As you like it

    Hey all :) I am finally working in school. It is a challenging time, emotionally; at least that is the main focus for me. The lessons work out quite well, I do not think that I will have major problems with the practical side of teaching. But the pupils ... I have a really hard time separating...
  13. Phy

    What about the Kids?

    Yes, from my point of view that is the main point. In our case it's 'full exposure' to poly as we are a three-parent-family. But this does not mean arbitrary rules, changing persons to whom the kids relate to or other stuff associated with changing partners. Poly in our case is just like...
  14. Phy

    The Notebook of JaneQSmythe

    Well, we won't have a party because of it, so yes, you are right, the 0 at the end seems more of a reason to celebrate ;) Maybe our 10th anniversary. Indeed, it gets better every year as far as we can tell.
  15. Phy

    The Notebook of JaneQSmythe

    Something special about five years? ^.^ We will celebrate our 5th in July as well :D Happy Anniversary, Jane :)
  16. Phy

    Hey, rafood. Nice to hear from readers, thanks for the notice and wishes. Everything is great...

    Hey, rafood. Nice to hear from readers, thanks for the notice and wishes. Everything is great here, family-wise :)
  17. Phy

    Finally had the hard talk

    Even if he 'replaces' you ... then what? As you said, she would handle his BS. Full stop. BS stays BS, if you handle it good or bad does not change that fact. Where is your motivation to do that? Just to be 'better' in some weird way? Even in your own eyes you should feel that your worth is more...
  18. Phy

    A VERY BAD start!

    I wrote a lot about our relationships in the beginning when everything started. Now, I write much if I can make it once a month to give a (mostly boring and repetitive) update about our life in the blog section. That's how committed relationships tend to be. There is a lot going on, but more...
  19. Phy

    Finally had the hard talk

    No, I don't. That was more about you asking for relationships without rules. You do not need a rule about basic principles preserving your health. It should not be needed and you should not have to be insecure about it. IF you know your relationship is open, the use of condoms should be a matter...
  20. Phy

    Finally had the hard talk

    It does not have to be a rule to have common humand sense, don't you think? If we would have an open structure I would not talk about that much, just because it is just natural to look out for your and your partners health.