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  1. kdt26417

    Being 'Cold' In A Relationship

    Re (from Ostrich): Is that something you think you could explain to him? If I understand it right, you resort to a "cold" position because you don't want to get hurt again. He should be able to appreciate that.
  2. kdt26417

    Kevin's Hetero MFM Poly-Fi V

    12:53 p.m., Tuesday the 26th Hello Timsterandwife, V = a poly group of three people, two "legs" who are not romantically involved with each other, and one "hinge" who is romantically involved with both of the legs. N = similar to a V, but adding a fourth person who is romantically involved...
  3. kdt26417

    Kevin's Hetero MFM Poly-Fi V

    7:04 p.m., Monday the 25th Today is Eddie's weekly Barn Hunt day, and BH is meeting SB at the Barn Hunt location. SB is in a supervisory position there, and hence is the last one to leave. Which they're not comfortable with because by now it's dark. Hence, BH is there kind of for safety...
  4. kdt26417

    Being 'Cold' In A Relationship

    Hello Ostrich, I think you've had to pull away from DAG, in order to protect yourself. DAG can see that you have pulled away, and so he has pulled away in turn. That is, he is turning you down when you try to initiate sex. At least that is the situation as I understand it. Correct me if I'm...
  5. kdt26417

    Poly in anti-discrimination statements

    Hi Starcrossed, I think it would be great if poly (and relationship style in general) could be added to anti-discrimination statements, both in individual corporations and in federal law. I definitely don't think it's the same thing as sexual orientation, it deserves its own statement. You and...
  6. kdt26417

    Questions about poly norms

    Hello Starcrossed, Going by what you have posted so far, it seems to me that this friend/crush is not in a position to pursue you, and he is okay with that. In theory, you could ask him whether his polycule might open up in the future, but I'm pretty sure the answer would be no. He is being...
  7. kdt26417

    Feeling confused...

    Sounds like things are going well in your relationships with S and E. That is good to hear. I'm glad could help.
  8. kdt26417

    Kevin's Hetero MFM Poly-Fi V

    6:18 p.m., Sunday the 24th I'm running a little late today, because SB and I went out to do some shopping earlier today. I'm not sure what dinner will be, but SB did indicate that we'd be able to have some drinky-drink. Also BH and I might watch a Handmaid episode or something. Earlier today...
  9. kdt26417

    Polyamory online meetup possible?

    Hi Emmjay, I have had bad luck with chat rooms in the past, so I would hesitate to participate in a zoom-type meetup if I didn't completely trust the other participants. Although I suppose I'm not saying no, I could probably be talked into at least trying it. It would partly depend on if the...
  10. kdt26417

    Confused and Insecure

    Hello Tippers_123, I suppose one thing you could do, is offer to your partner that you are willing to try an open/poly relationship with you, and see if you can adjust to it. Just be aware that if you can't adjust to it, it might be difficult/complicated to try to return to monogamy. For...
  11. kdt26417

    how to set boundaries, new to this

    Hello frogandfriends, The rules you are thinking of setting sound fine to me; as for the fourth rule (whether to tell each other when you're going to be kissing other people) is something you and M should decide together after you talk about it with each other. Actually the two of you should...
  12. kdt26417

    Self love= self pleasure?

    Hello Miriam223, I took your survey, it wasn't difficult, it took about 18 minutes to do. I hope my input will help you in your research. Sincerely, Kevin T.
  13. kdt26417

    Coming out?

    No problem.
  14. kdt26417

    Kevin's Hetero MFM Poly-Fi V

    4:26 p.m., Saturday the 23rd BH and SB have been out most of the day today, I'm not sure what all they've been doing. Maybe the first thing was a road trip? or they were meeting someone for some reason? I'm not sure. In any case, SB said that when they get back from this second outing, the...
  15. kdt26417

    Advice for my Husband

    Hi Kim, I totally agree with Marcus' advice and perspective. If your husband will practice getting some exposure to the reality that you are being intimate with your boyfriend, it will gradually get easier for your husband. I even think he will regain his erections, although that would be a...
  16. kdt26417

    Coming out?

    Hi mountaingirl, You should watch the following YouTube ... ... I think it's about 26 minutes long but it's really worth it, it's all about coming out. As for my polycule, we mostly haven't told anyone, basically just a brother and one friend. The reactions from those two so for have been...
  17. kdt26417

    Kevin's Hetero MFM Poly-Fi V

    4:33 p.m., Friday the 22nd I guess today is a little better, but I'm still feeling extra crappy. Trying to get through life one moment at a time. Don't know what we'll have for dinner, probably not takeout as SB has something soaking on the stove. BH and I might watch something tonight. Then...
  18. kdt26417

    Just LR

    So glad that things are going so well for you and yours, LR. I hope the future will be better than ever.
  19. kdt26417

    Feeling confused...

    Hi Lolaishere, It seems to me that in poly, you can have multiple "traditional" relationships (like the one you have with S). I myself live in a household with two other people, and the woman has a rather traditional-style relationship with each of us guys. We have been together for many years...
  20. kdt26417

    Kevin's Hetero MFM Poly-Fi V

    1:26 p.m., Thursday the 21st I guess today is a little better, although I wouldn't exactly call it perfect. Later today, the plan is to go shopping, but first SB has a hair appointment. So I'll go with her, but I'll have to wait in the car, due to Covid. I have a handheld Chess computer, so I...