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  1. Hades36

    The Ideal Life (or Dreams Compromised)

    I hope everyone had a great holiday, however you choose to celebrate. Nearing 40 and really thinking about my life, the decisions I've made, and where those paths have led me. All in all, I have a great life with very little to complain about. But, of course, there are dreams I've compromised...
  2. Hades36

    Married, Poly, but choosing to Practice Monogamy?

    Anyone else here in the same proverbial boat? Its not a bad place to be, although its not always easy or comfortable. I come on here once in awhile to read posts and stories that speak to my own experiences with poly. Some of you remember me and PLove from back in the day. We decided, after some...
  3. Hades36

    Just Sayin' Hi!

    So nice to see all of you still here, working through things, and supporting each other!
  4. Hades36

    From the City to the Small Town

    Completely nothing to do with polyamory... But... My wife and are considering leaving the hustle and flow of the city and finding a nice, rural town to live in somewhere. We're both professionals with careers that can take root pretty much anywhere there are human beings, so we're good on that...
  5. Hades36


    Hey, has anyone ever used this site? What's it like? Is it lame? It would be nice to meet some real live people that are polyamorous. I mean, this forum is awesome but meeting live people would be awesomer (is that a word? No? But I was an English teacher so I can say it IS a word and you just...
  6. Hades36

    Herbal Cigarettes

    Hi everyone, PLove and I are making a serious attempt at quitting smoking. She is using the patch and I'm going cold turkey. Heard about herbal cigarettes. Have any of you ever used them, know someone that used them? Any advice or observations about their effectiveness? :confused:
  7. Hades36

    Tyler Durden, Polyamory, and Chinese Underground Gangs

    There is a great scene in the movie Fight Club when the main character, played by Ed Norton, has a life-changing self-realization. His face fills the screen, big the way gods are big, and his voice over says, "Ladies and Gentlemen, please return your seats to the full, upright position." In that...
  8. Hades36

    Need Some Advice...

    I find myself here by accident. Sort of. Or maybe I was always headed in this direction and now I need some advice from you august ladies and gentleman. I'm married, 7 years, great wife, good marriage. My wife and I went through a really bad time last year, my heart fractured, I fell in love...
  9. Hades36

    Hades & Persephone

    My wife and I actually aren't polyamorous but its been a fascination of mine for years. We've discussed the possibility of opening our marriage but that's a really distant star in our sky, right now. I do believe that people can love more than one person at a time and I'm really interested in...