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    The only way for a ture poly household to work love, if everyone envolved is open, honest and...

    The only way for a ture poly household to work love, if everyone envolved is open, honest and everyone is treated on equal bounds. If you don't have the foundation of these three things the poly household is doomed to die, and everyone involved will either be hurt or have bad feelings about each...
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    Religious survey

    Well I shoud have stated so called morality, since we all know that 99% of all Christian based morality is based on you doing as your told by them and the church.....
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    Religious survey

    Well I am druidic was raised as a druid and do my best in these modern times to live one with and of the earth. I raise my own food, including beef, chicken, lamb ect........Our gardens proved for our family as well as the local food bank. I do not drive unless there is no other way of obtaining...
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    Religious survey

    Would have to say you are correct in some factors of your statement about Pagans being more open to poly than let say christians however it is not the complete aspect of the reason why... Pagan's are more open to the idea due to our background of clann living, where as many clann throughout time...
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    Religious survey

    LOL............. Well we probably would string you up by your ankels, somewhere else maybe,,,,lol........ j/k So you believe in the chaos theroy well you have that right, personally that doesnt work for us or our knowledge, wisdom as we know it. The main difference between us and other is we...
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    Religious survey

    Pagan Well my wife was born and raised Catholic while i attended catholic schools in Ireland I was raised as a 75th direct generation druid. Even though our family and our poly household has its foundation based in druidry. We own a farm in Southern New Hampshire and we are about 65% total self...
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    Female looking for relationship

    Hi Well we are a poly household lass whom is in New Hampshire, we are searching like everyone else for the correct female to join us on our farm and our home, but if you ever want ot talk we would be more than willing ot talk to you hun and let you know our feelings on the matter, since we have...
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    Where are you from ?

    Us We are located on our farm in Southern New Hampshire. We are seeking a lass to join us or the correct couple.....
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    Blessed Beltain!

    Aye However lass and me thinks ye are a lass that would be under wiccan tradiation not druidic, since the mabon to druids is born on 21st of December to traditationalists.....
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    Marriage Help

    Minister If you are located in the Eastern US I would be happy to perfrom your ceremony without any problems about your present relationship, or any questions about it. Sincerely, KelticIrishDruid (Rev. Dr. Jeffrey B. Wright Ph.D.)
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    Blessed Beltain!

    Beltane We hope ye had a happy and blessed beltane lass, and hope you find joy in samhein in the up coming months. Slan.