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    Scheduling visits

    My partner had sex with a woman, whom he´s been friends with for a very long time, a couple of weeks ago. She doesn´t live in the same city as we do, but she had plans to move to town (not because of him) - but she doesn´t anymore -, and she is visiting often, staying at his place. I´m...
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    thoughts and mixed feelings

    Hi everyone. I posted this as an introduction and Leetah told me to post it here, if I was looking for some feedback. And I am, as I don´t really have a lot of people to talk about poly and sometimes talking about it with my mono friends just make my insecurities (probably because of...
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    Hello and some thoughts

    Hi everyone. I´m not sure if this is the right place to post, but I thought I´d introduce myself and also say a thing or two about my relationship and some issues I´ve been dealing with. I'm C., 33, this is my first official poly relationship, although I now can see I've been poly - and...