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  1. Kommander

    Two Groups in the Detroit Area

    I recently found two groups through that are full of friendly, welcoming people. Metro Detroit Polyamory regularly meets every two weeks. At SocraTea on a Thursday afternoon and at Traffic Jam on a Tuesday evening. Both locations are in Midtown Detroit Metro Area Polyamory & Open...
  2. Kommander

    Name Change?

    I couldn't find anything in the FAQ or a quick thread search regarding name changes; whether or not it's allowed, and what the procedure is if it is. (Yes, I read the FAQ and User Guidelines before I registered and I refer to them from time to time. I'm the only one. Do I get a trophy for...
  3. Kommander

    Should I say something?

    I started a new job on Monday, and today during my lunch break, a car in the parking lot caught my attention. The license plate... I need to be careful here... is a variant spelling of the word "unicorn" that is not immediately obvious and had several stickers with the word "love" and hearts...
  4. Kommander

    The Paths We Choose

    Yeah, I borrowed the title from Sully Erna's autobiography. Sully Erna is the vocalist of Godsmack. I'm guessing most of you either know that already or don't care. Actual content coming shortly.
  5. Kommander

    Polyamory and Friendship

    I really hate being the new guy starting a thread soliciting advice. However, I plan on sticking around and contributing to many conversations, I promise. Several years ago, I became involved with the girlfriend of a friend of mine, without his knowledge or consent. I was being heavily...
  6. Kommander

    Everyone look at me, I'm new!

    Hello everyone. I'm new because I just joined, as you can probably see from my join date and post count. I look forward to being not so new. This looks like a nice place so far. As for polyamory, I'll go with being somewhat new to it as well; but that's complex. Philosophically, I've pretty...