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    Feeling Rejection. How has being poly changed or affected how you feel.

    I have always struggled with rejection. As I work on myself it is always near the front of the line of things I cope poorly with. There are many struggles in my past that I won't go into my usual oversharing with but it has been there a long time. In my current relationship my partner and I...
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    I should probably introduce myself.

    Hello all, I am a 49 year old hetero cis male. I am married to a 39 year old bisexual cis female. It is my second marriage and her third. We have two beautiful boys who are 5 and 7. Our current relationship dynamic is that I am mono and she is open to see other females. When we first...
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    Poly Parents Logistics Question.

    So my wife and I are proud parents of a 5 and 7 year old. At the moment I am mono and she is open and dates other women. Regardless of our relationship status we both recognize the need to create space and time for both of us to pursue our own interests and to create space and time for us as a...
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    Need advice on the dreaded OPP (her idea).

    My wife (37 bi) and I (49 str) have been married 9 years. We are rock solid, ride or die, so not looking for anyone to tell me to get out. That won't happen. We were best friends first and she told me about her bi-sexuality well before we got in a relationship. I have always been...