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  1. Morningglory629

    Morningglory's Awakening

    Some of you may not know me, but most do, as I have been a participating member off and on for over a year now. At various times this forum has been a source of great interest, new knowledge, intrigue, comfort, alot of laughter, sadness, FRUSTRATION, anger, resentment, acceptance, judgement...
  2. Morningglory629

    Love Language Profile

    Surprise, surprise I am bi-lingual between Words of Affirmation/Quality Time, and a not too distant 2nd of Physical Touch!:p
  3. Morningglory629

    Poly music

    So I am attending a wedding this summer and it had me thinking, if I were planning a ceremony that had some polyamory theme...what songs should be part of the playlist for the celebration? Have fun with this.:D