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  1. P has been rebuilt

    Hi all - A while back I started a thread to help gather feedback for - a site aimed to become a sort of niche social network for poly folks. Lots of progress was had and tons of feedback from forum members made its way into the service. As cool as it was becoming, my own inexperience...
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    Not sure if this goes here but re: chats has a free chatroom - it supports site-wide chat and private chats between users.
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    Other sites like this one?

    Thanks Shpace :) has been totally rebuilt by myself personally, as I've spent the past year learning how to build sites (instead of depending on someone else). It's very much in development but if anyone checks it out and has any feedback, feel free to contact me here or there. I'm...
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    The Official Feedback/Development Thread

    NYCindie - you should be able to use the same username/password that you used in beta. Let me know if you have any trouble logging in with that :) Albizia - thanks for the bug report! I'll get on that.
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    The Official Feedback/Development Thread

    The doors at are officially open - no more access code required. Events and the homepage feed are still in the works, but the site is usable. Cheers!
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    The Official Feedback/Development Thread

    Groups: Fully Baked Whew, busy week. Quick update here - Groups has been reworked and updated - hopefully it's a bit easier to figure out now. Ryan - thanks for that last bit of feedback. Think this update makes things a little easier? Your profile feed now pulls in your activity from the...
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    The Official Feedback/Development Thread

    Also - the styling between People and Groups is a little different. In Groups the buttons are hard-edged and the actions are all lowercase. I'd love to know which one you like more - I'm undecided.
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    The Official Feedback/Development Thread

    Groupified Hey all - The foray into Groups has been under way for a while now. It's not totally finished yet but I'd like to post an update just so you can start fiddling with stuff and see how it feels. I've outlined some of the details below but I think it would be best for you to just...
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    Motorcycles anyone?

    Hahaha... I've never ridden one of those but I would think the suspension is less stiff than streetbikes, then again it IS a sportster. And, yes sir, absolutely. The past week has been a godsend for us in DC, mother nature is on our team so far. It's gonna be a good year :p
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    The Official Feedback/Development Thread

    thanks man :) A lot of progress is being made with groups; lots of experimentation and tweaking has been happening over the past week or so. I'm hoping to have that "Groups" button active by the end of this week. updates to come!
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    Motorcycles anyone?

    nice nice, I moved from the bitter northeast to the less-cold DC, a step in the right direction :p
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    Motorcycles anyone?

    Wow, she's a beauty. That seat looks so comfortable.... I know the feeling. No matter how stressful the day was, no matter what else is going on, I can count on the bike to bring me somewhere else. In so many ways :D Unfortunately I had to sell the ninja, but I picked up a yamaha over the...
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    They Call Me Sugarbooger

    Hey there sugarbooger, sweet name :)
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    The Official Feedback/Development Thread

    Hey Albizia - That should be fixed now. Streetracer - sweet STI. You're living my dream, man. I've wanted one of those for a very long time.
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    Motorcycles anyone?

    I hear ya. I started out on an 09 250 up in Amherst; you can pick one up for around 2.5k and sell it when you're done! Cheaper if you go by the older styling too. here's my ex-bike: I had to ask a cop block the...
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    hey guys

    WOW dude. Are you my twin? I think that's the cool thing about polyamory - its roots give us "many love", which can be interpreted in so many ways. I feel like it's a really fluid kind of word, so I wouldn't worry about having the right or wrong idea. I have this fantasy of building a...
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    Too much information

    If you're talking about profiles specifically, I think the lack of info is more likely due to the structure of forums. I don't think user profiles are high-traffic areas in many forums since the action is a bit focused on threads. Something like facebook puts the action on your profile, so...
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    Word Association Game!

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    New to the Forum

    Heyo :)